What really is Love? Or carving out the definition of this unattainable word through an angel’s eyes.

Love.  When you hear the word, what comes to mind?  Hearts floating in the air?  A couple kissing, holding hands, spending time together doing something mutually fun?  Smiles?  Genuine laughter?  All of this culminating in a wedding day with flowers, confetti and a wedding cake (or carved ice sculpture if you’re one of the lucky upper class).  Regardless, the definition of love differs depending on who you speak with.  Though there are several similarities to note.

1.  It involves more than one person.  In order to love someone or something there has to be at least one other being or object involved.

2. It involves emotion.  The degree of emotion differs per person and, if it’s a being such as an angel, the emotion is a constant, unwavering, unconditional, abiding one.

For angels, love is not complicated, confusing or confounding- it just is.  Love is based on faith and trust.  Love allows for freedom for growth and expression within a relationship.  Love is unconditional where the person who loves doesn’t need to have their love reciprocated.  Even if the love isn’t reciprocated, an angel will still love no matter what.  An angel will love someone regardless of how that person thinks or feels, regardless of their deeds or misdeeds.  Love is without expectation, without conditions.  It never changes, never wavers, and is always there.  Love doesn’t seek to control the other person but to be there when the other person is weakened or tired of the demands of the world and needs to “refresh” and “renew” for another day’s battle.

An angel’s love is one that is understandable and incredible but impractical for human beings.  It is near impossible to love someone unconditionally on Earth.  Many strive to achieve it but few do.  It is a test of extreme faith and trust to love someone, daily, who because of their free will and choice, could stray at any second, shatter your heart into pieces, and never come back.  But what do angels do?  They stand to the side and wait.  Nothing ever bothers them, nothing will ever change their mind.  Their love is endless and immeasurable.  So, in light of this, thank you angels for being by our sides and loving us no matter what we may do, think or feel.  THANK YOU from all of us here on Earth who believe in you mighty beings.  We love you in the only way we can- from our hearts.

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