Top 10 Sexy songs

Okay folks…

This blog was inspired by a topic on a fellow author’s book release party tonight.

So, here it is.  Some of my all-time favorite sexy songs.  They are not numbered in any order:

1.  Slow Motion- Color Me Badd

2.  I wanna sex you up- Color Me Badd

3.  Partition- Beyoncé

4. Giving him something he can feel-  En Vogue

5.  So alive- Love and Rockets

6.  Naughty Girl- Beyoncé (video is sexier though)

7. In the closet- Michael Jackson

8. Genie in the bottle- Christina Aguilera

9. Honey- Mariah Carey

10. I touch myself- The Divinyls

So, what are your top 10 favorites?

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