The list or what I do each year around the holidays

All right, I admit it, I love Christmas but, unfortunately, the month of December always goes too fast and then we’re into another new year.  The years keep slipping away, somehow, but around this time, there are certain things I like doing, you could even call them made-up traditions which keep the “spirit of Christmas” alive and well in my family.  So, here’s a list of all the things I like doing around this time of year:

1. Watching Holiday Movies (who doesn’t like doing this?  I even watch movies I’ve seen before and there are so many holiday movies to choose from, which is great!)

2. Buying gifts for children off the “Angel tree”  (I’ve even got my husband doing this now!)

3.  Driving around town to see “Christmas” lights (we hit all the old favorites first and then search out new ones)

4.  Holiday shopping with everyone else (yes, I am crazy that way. While most try to avoid the crowds, I love shopping for gifts in a crowd of people.  It stirs up a feeling of camaraderie somehow)

5.  Online pre-black Friday shopping (better to do this than to camp out at a store all night)

6.  Going to Christmas parties, including having the office party (Yeah- lace the punch with Rum!!)

7.  Wearing my holiday jewelry (yes!!  Only time of year I can wear it all!!)

8.  Baking Christmas cookies (this is a new one for me but I plan on making it permanent)

These are only a few and I plan to add more and more “traditions” as the years go by.

What are your traditions?

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