Gaylord Palms Hotel “Ice” show

Hello all!  This posting is long overdue and I apologize for that.  My computer received some nasty bot ware/malware which has, sadly, rendered it completely useless.  This is the first time I’ve been able to actually upload a few photos (onto a different computer).

I want to share with you pictures from the Ice show we attended at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Kissimmee, FL last month.  The Ice show is held once a year from the day after Thanksgiving until approximately New Years Day.  I’d advise getting a Groupon or Living Social coupon (if available) as prices run over $20 per person for the event.  We were able to get a Living Social coupon for a fair deal but had no warning of the $18 parking fee!  Thank goodness they take credit cards for the parking fee.  If you’ve never been to this event, I’d advise paying the $18- it’s well worth the price for the adventure.  Also, with the Living Social coupon, you can run straight through to the waiting line and not have to wait for tickets or for “will call.”  It was easy and painless.

They will outfit you with a light parka (which actually works pretty well against the chilly 9 degree temperature inside the exhibit); however, I recommend wearing additional:  mittens,  knit cap, and especially a scarf (which will be good to cover parts of your face when the cold gets a bit overwhelming).

“Ice” should be seen at least once by everyone who loves beautiful art because that’s what these ice sculpture are- works of art in all types of color.  Though I’d been to the Ice show once before, this year the theme was ‘The Nutcracker’ and I was happy for the opportunity to attend again.  After “Ice”, you can browse through the gift store or the cafeteria and there’s even a “Santa’s workshop” for the kids.  It’s a really fun event I highly recommend.

Ice Gaylord Palms1 Ice Gaylord Palms2 Ice Gaylord Palms3 Ice Gaylord Palms4 Ice Gaylord Palms5 Ice Gaylord Palms6 Ice Gaylord Palms7 Ice Gaylord Palms8 Ice Gaylord Palms9 Ice Gaylord Palms10 Ice Gaylord Palms11 Ice Gaylord Palms12 Ice Gaylord Palms13 Ice Gaylord Palms14 Ice Gaylord Palms15 Ice Gaylord Palms16 Ice Gaylord Palms17 Ice Gaylord Palms18 Ice Gaylord Palms19

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