Valentine’s Day in our hearts

Sometimes we forget.  Life gets busy.  Things get thrown on us at the last minute and we have to bend, sway, or sometimes even adapt to new situations or circumstances we find ourselves in but, regardless, in anything we do and with every person we encounter in life, we should approach them with love in our heart. Sharing love is difficult to do and it’s a life lesson for most of us.  It’s really hard to share your love (in this case, our positive regard) with someone that’s hurt us or that we think is not deserving of your love but then, that’s a judgment call on our part.  We should never change who we essentially are for anyone else.  Approaching others as our best, in the best way we can, makes us better people and keeps us righteous.  We are sharing our true selves with others not our defense mechanisms, our protective shields but who we truly are, no holds barred.  We can’t control others and their reactions but we can stay true to ourselves and share our authentic selves with others.  That makes us winners in the end. So hold a Valentine’s Day full of love in your heart and share with the world your endless supply.  Be true to yourself and take care.

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