While you are waiting…on that book contract, Advice #5

It’s been a  long while and you’re still waiting, eh?  Well, don’t give up hope yet.  Sometimes life gets you down and you can get discouraged.  But while you’re waiting for that golden opportunity (your book contract) to pop up in your Inbox, have you considered:

— Outlets to vent or expend excess energy while you wait —

It’s always good to do something else, distract yourself in some way  but it doesn’t always work. What does, though, is venting to a good friend as long as you don’t vent too much and too long.  Gather a circle of support consisting of your top friends.  You know who I mean- the ones that would do almost anything for you, that love and support you and want to see you succeed.  Possibly these could be members of your future “street team” later, helping to advertise and get the word out for your book.

Tell them your worries and concerns.  Vent your frustrations.   Give and receive hugs for that is what true friends are for.  To ‘pump you up’, give you renewed energy, strength and courage, make you see the bigger picture when your dreams and goals seem so far away and even, at times, unreachable.  Their varied views, opinions, and honesty will help you sort things out.

If that fails, exercise to relieve some pent up stress.  Take a long walk, maybe even a very long one, listening to your favorite music.  Work out on a machine, take a class, or even work out with your friend (that way you can vent and expend excess energy at the same time).

Whatever you do, do it for yourself and for your general health and well-being.  It’s a long haul from submission of your MS to receiving a contract and it’s not going to get any easier but in the meantime you can have some fun.

Some even vent or stress-release with shopping.  Good idea but take care not to over-spend or then you’ll have the additional stress of owing money.  Sit at a cafe with a friend, go to dinner, visit a local attraction.  Whatever you do, vent and laugh because in the end things will work out in your favor though  I know in the meantime it feels like you’re slowly being tortured and stretched to your limits on a rack.

Take care my friends and don’t give up.  Now is the time to have faith and look forward to your successful writing career.

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