Sharing love with the world

Today something amazing happened to me.  I was ready to leave the ladies’ locker room at the local gym when my glance happened to pick up a beautiful butterfly to my left.  It was on a decorated envelope in the corner of the counter, tucked between the wall and an air freshener.  I pulled the envelope out and read the front of it.  It said:

From:  Someone who cares

If you found this letter, then it was meant for you!

Open it.

I was going to put the note back when I saw the last two words- “open it.”  Huh, I wondered.  Must be meant for me.  So I tucked it away into my gym bag to read later.  I was thinking about reading it on the way to breakfast but I didn’t.  Then I was going to read it at breakfast but forgot it in the car.  Finally, three hours later, I remembered it during a lull in conversation with my mom who happens to live at a Nursing Home.

My mom went through a whirlwind of tragic events two years ago that made a once independent, feisty woman, dependent on others and on a manual wheelchair that others must push for her.  She is no longer able to walk, has limited use of her hands, underwent a tracheostomy which has now become a permanent fixture in her neck to allow her to breathe.  She is dependent on others for her personal hygiene, dressing her and is hoyer-lifted back and forth from bed to wheelchair, daily.  Due to the prednisone she is taking on a daily basis to assist her in breathing, her once flawless skin is now thin and has red and black blotches permanently tattooed into her arms.

So, in the lull between conversations which consist mainly of stories to make her laugh (to keep her spirits up in a nursing facility that can never be considered home) or frank, direct talks with her on her current state of health and why she can’t leave the facility, I said, “Let’s read the letter I found.”  The letter peaked her curiosity and after reading it aloud to her, the content was one I stressed was meant for her.

You see, I planned to visit my mom yesterday but other things came up and so today was the day.  I also wasn’t sure if I was going to visit the gym today because my foot had been giving me trouble last night but I decided to go, anyway.  Finding the note on the day I was going to visit her when my dad mentioned (yesterday) to me that her spirits have been down lately did not seem much of a coincidence to me.  I was meant to find that note and meant to tell her the contents of it because it applied to her.

So I read aloud to her the contents inside the beautifully decorated notecard:

Dear Friend,

Don’t ever forget that you are rare.

You are beautiful.

You are stronger than you think.  I promise.

And you are LOVED!

It was signed -DAC.  Whoever, you are DAC, thank you.  You uplifted my mom, for today, and every day she has extra hope is a joyful day to us.  I truly appreciate your effort in taking the time to write this little note, seal it in an envelope and drop it off into the locker room, sending your love and positive thoughts to someone you will probably never know or encounter.   Your small effort meant the world to us and we appreciate it.

It is also a good reminder to all of us to spread love around the world.  There are so many who need it.  A few kind words here and there take nothing out of us to say but can the mean the world to someone or make a difference in their lives, impacting them in ways that help make them a bit stronger.

The website on the back of the envelope is a good way to start.  Let’s do our part in creating a more beautiful, hopeful, positive world.

Till next time, take care, my friends.

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