While you are waiting…on that book contract, advice #6- the finale

Hello, my friends.  So… you are still waiting on a contract for that marvelous masterpiece you penned?  Well, don’t get discouraged yet.  Remember, it takes publishers and even agents quite a lot of time to get back to you (on the average).  Sometimes, you won’t hear a word from them and these’ I would safely advise that you cross off your list of hopefuls for if they don’t have the courtesy to contact you, then maybe you should discount them and spend your efforts and energy elsewhere where its appreciated.

In the meantime, though, don’t go pulling all your hair out or turn to nail-biting as a hobby, do something constructive while you wait.  Engage in something positive to distract yourself.

Have you considered…

Editing another book you have almost completed or writing a new novel.

If you started a novel but set it aside to publish another, why don’t you go back to that original work and edit it/complete it to submit it to publishers or agents in the near future?  As a writer,you have to keep doing just that:  writing.  Your fans demand it, crave it and keeping them engaged and interested is a priority.  Plus, we love our fans.  Without them, we would be writing novels for no reason.  We write so that others can enjoy our stories and that makes us happy and gives us a reason to continue our trade.

If you have no other works in process, then consider starting a new novel or even writing a sequel to the book you are aiming to get published.  This will keep up your momentum and maybe even keep the original characters alive in a second book.  It’s always fun when you can do something new and different, so let your creative ideas flow during this long, sometimes torturous waiting period.

Whatever you do, my friends, be patient for good things will eventually happen for you.  In the meantime, take care of yourself, distract yourself and do something fun!

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