Happy Mother’s Day (for all Dog moms)

Some of us can’t have children, weren’t blessed with the gift, and don’t have the funding to adopt.  And if you’re like me, you don’t work for an employer who would help you financially adopt a child.  So, maybe we don’t have kids, which sometimes can be a blessing in the form of added independence and freedom.

But, most likely, we are moms at some point in our life even sometimes acting as surrogate moms to our own mothers as they age.  Being a dog mom, though,  means we have taken the monumentous task of becoming lifetime moms to our furry animal(s).

The heart-wrenching part about giving your time and love to dogs and cats is that at some point they pass on.  There’s no stopping the aging process or even a glimmer of hope that our furry friends we call family could have the chance to live a long or even average human lifespan in human years, not dog ones.  Sometimes being a dog mom is an extra challenge jus because of this.  We give our dogs our heart and then it gets broken in the end in a short lifespan (if we are lucky) of 15-17 years or more.

On top of that, we’re excluded for the most part from Mother’s Day celebrations but we work  hard for our fur family and we should be recognized for we are mom’s too.  Just because we didn’t give birth to our furry family doesn’t mean we don’t work as hard to care for them and all their needs.  We feed them, bathe them, brush their teeth, entertain them, take them to the doctor (Vet.) and keep them up to date on immunizations just as any other mom would do.

So to all dog moms, cat moms, moms of any furry friends, I wish you a safe, relaxing Happy Mother’s Day.  Treat yourself to something nice for you deserve it!

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