Do something wonderful for someone today

***  We are all one ***

But sometimes we forget to take the time to help someone else, share a smile, genuinely look them in the eye and listen. So, this is just a quick reminder to do something good for someone today, whether it be a stranger or a family member. Do something out of “your” ordinary to make a person smile, feel appreciated, or feel heard.

This is what I did this morning when I looked an upset client in the eye, shook his hand and said “Good Luck. It was nice meeting you.” Even though I just met him today, I really meant what I said. I tried to convey to him that I care about him and hope he does well for his future and I saw it in his eyes- the acknowledgment of being validated as a person with feelings and opinions. Even though he didn’t get his issues resolved to his satisfaction, we parted ways on a positive note.

Do for others and be well my friends. Till my next post.

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