Jasper’s Book Trailer is Live!

Book Trailer for the first book in the Guardian League Series, Jasper is up Live on You Tube.

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Excerpt from my upcoming book- Jasper, The Guardian League: Book One

Hello readers.  =0)

Here’s an excerpt from my latest Paranormal Romance book, Jasper, Book One of the Guardian League Series.  Jasper is set to release August 27th:

Well, that couldn’t have gone any smoother, she mused. Not only did Jasper turn out to be clever, intelligent and chivalrous but he also had a witty sense of humor that she found very appealing. He even paid for their meals when she said all along she would. He insisted. Tatiana had fun tonight and she laughed so hard that she couldn’t even remember the last time she had so much fun with a man. Not that men were scarce, for they sure weren’t, but for some reason, they seemed to be, for her.

All her friends attracted good men but for Tatiana, she was the last one standing behind with the leftovers. Unfortunately, for her, most of the men she found didn’t seem to like ‘fluffy’ women. She preferred this term to the traditional and sometimes very harsh insults used to describe her size: pudgy, fat, or even worse, obese. Tatiana wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t your average size. Unfortunately, she did have quite a few extra pounds on her that she tried and tried to get off her, but no amount of exercising seemed to do it, though she spent hours on her elliptical machine endlessly trying. In the meantime, she had given up on dating. It just seemed pointless to go out with someone who didn’t have an interest beyond a one-night stand. She wanted a companion, a best friend, someone she could spend time with and share everything with.

She wondered what it was with men nowadays. The men she met never wanted to spend more than one day per week with her. Why? She was fun-loving and spontaneous and she wanted the exact opposite of what these men tolerated. Tatiana wanted someone who loved her company and wanted to spend lots of time with her. Jasper seemed different from any man she dated before. There was just something about him, she thought, as he walked her to her car. He was easy to talk to and at least he wasn’t like her last date she met on a local dating website who commended his dad for committing suicide and openly told her he expected to do the same after he aged and his body broke down from health problems. He went on to say he expected his wife or girlfriend to accept it and that he wouldn’t tell her when but that she would just find him dead one day. She shook her head as she recalled how upsetting and gruesome this experience was and their long, argumentative conversations regarding this sore subject which ended their relationship.

Wow. The things she’d been through. Thank god Jasper was different.

He jotted his cell phone number down on a blank piece of paper he pulled out of his pocket. She watched his sexy lips form words that were foreign to her. Time. Place. A formal date. Huh? A date? He was asking her for a date? He couldn’t be. But why?

“I like you, Tatiana,” he grabbed her hands and intertwined their fingers together. “Can I take you out on a date? What do you think? Will you let me?”

She stood mute and could only look at him, curiously. Lines creased into her forehead and she felt her eyebrows twitching, one after the other, as if in a battle of wills.

“So, what do you think? Do you want to date me?”

Goodness, was he really asking her this? Regardless, here was her opportunity and she couldn’t let it pass her by.

“Yes! Yes, I do,” she exclaimed, loudly before he changed his mind.

There was that glorious, knee-jerking grin of his again. Damn. She needed to copyright it and make it hers and only hers.

Sneak peak at cover for upcoming book: Jasper

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover for my upcoming book, Jasper, the first in a series of 5 Paranormal Romance books with Guardian Angels.  Jasper is set to release on August 27th.

Jasper cover image-full

Strength- when your world is falling apart

A beautiful woman told me yesterday I am strong and it got me thinking about strength and how the definition of the word differs per person.  Strength can be so many things.

Wikipedia divides strength into 2 categories:  physical and character strength.  The strength I’m talking about is the latter- strength of character.

It’s funny how you find your strength through tough, difficult times.  And sometimes in life, like mine currently, one negative becomes a domino effect leading to other negatives but when you sit back and look at it, objectively, you see the truth- that it’s all a process of life though, unfortunately, it’s hitting you all at once.

Strength, for me, is continuing to live your life, caring for others despite all the pain welled up in side of you.  It’s leading a unit of employees, setting an example with compassion and love for them and their situations despite your own.  It’s trying to make sense out of your own situation but not in a way that it burdens others around you.  It’s leaning on others when you need support so that you can, in turn, help others when they need you.  It’s forming or renewing partnerships so that you can be stronger.  (Thank you, Michael).

It’s finding some kind of positive(s) to hang onto to strengthen you to move forward.  Sometimes, especially at the beginning, strength can be as little as the energy to get out of bed which you build on to do more the next day.

But most of all, strength is not numbness, it’s not shying away from the tragedies or life occurrences that are happening around you.  It is the embracing of your situation melded with the perseverance and the  confidence to stand up when your word is falling apart, crumbling around you.

Be well and be strong, my friends.