Strength- when your world is falling apart

A beautiful woman told me yesterday I am strong and it got me thinking about strength and how the definition of the word differs per person.  Strength can be so many things.

Wikipedia divides strength into 2 categories:  physical and character strength.  The strength I’m talking about is the latter- strength of character.

It’s funny how you find your strength through tough, difficult times.  And sometimes in life, like mine currently, one negative becomes a domino effect leading to other negatives but when you sit back and look at it, objectively, you see the truth- that it’s all a process of life though, unfortunately, it’s hitting you all at once.

Strength, for me, is continuing to live your life, caring for others despite all the pain welled up in side of you.  It’s leading a unit of employees, setting an example with compassion and love for them and their situations despite your own.  It’s trying to make sense out of your own situation but not in a way that it burdens others around you.  It’s leaning on others when you need support so that you can, in turn, help others when they need you.  It’s forming or renewing partnerships so that you can be stronger.  (Thank you, Michael).

It’s finding some kind of positive(s) to hang onto to strengthen you to move forward.  Sometimes, especially at the beginning, strength can be as little as the energy to get out of bed which you build on to do more the next day.

But most of all, strength is not numbness, it’s not shying away from the tragedies or life occurrences that are happening around you.  It is the embracing of your situation melded with the perseverance and the  confidence to stand up when your word is falling apart, crumbling around you.

Be well and be strong, my friends.

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