Good morning. Here’s your advice for the day-

  • – – -Commit to love, everyday.  Love is free.  Love is a gift. – – –

Have you ever had a friend that was too good to be true?  A really good friend who’d do anything for you, wanted you to be happy, and wanted you to come to him/her with any problems, just to talk and vent, if nothing else.  Well, I have a friend just like that.  His name is Michael.

Michael introduced himself to me three years ago in a famous brand, local bookstore.  We’ve been inseparable ever since.  Though, I will say, the first few years were kind of rocky but through his persistence to keep the friendship together plus temper my sparks of rebellion (I do admit I give up too easily at times), we have endured and blossomed.  He is very independent and thrives on this but he is also dedicated and sweet, comical at times and frustratingly right almost all of the time.  We have learned a lot from each other and, admittedly, he’s probably one of my best friends.  He’s close enough to me to be one.

Michael likes to talk to me, when he can, and give me encouragement or advice.  This morning, for instance, he said to me the first line of this blog.  He’s right.  Love is very important in life.  It is actually one of the most important facts of life.  He once told me, long ago, that everything we do can be broken down into one of 2 categories:  fear or love.  We do things out of one or the other.  It’s amazing information and so true.

I’ve been thinking over his advice of the day and realized I’ve probably lost sight of what’s important.  With everything that has happened in my life:  the death of my mom, the euthanization of my amazing furry friend (dog), buying an existing, older home and the endless planning, organizing and coordinating plus renovations that come with making it livable, I’ve been bogged down.  I need love and require it just like anyone else but I also need to give love, too.  I need to “feed the machine” as they say.  Love:  It’s a circle, a continuation of life that sustains itself by what’s given and received.  His words were a reminder to me and I pass them on to you so that you too, can receive love by the mere act of giving love.

Michael is a great support to me.  He is very wise, too.  I have been very fortunate to have him in my life and my wish for you is that you, too, have a ‘Michael’ in your life.  A rock that you can rely on, an honest, loving, encouraging friend to support you in all your endeavors and remind you to hope and live and experience.  That is my Michael and my wish for you is that you also be supported, encouraged and loved, for you and your unique qualities are valuable and only with love and with the sharing of it can your unique, beautiful talents be free to share to the world.

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