For days you don’t feel like you. Even an author has their emotional moments-

Hello friend.

Do you ever have days you feel off?  Like something’s not right.  Like maybe you should go back home and get into bed and sleep the rest of the day off?

Days you’re not sure what to do with but you yearn for something?  You have no plan but know you should.  Wish you could tell someone how you feel but don’t think anyone would understand?

Or, you think you should be able to handle it because you handle everything else and why not be in control of your emotions, too?

Well, some days you just got to surrender.  You can only handle so much and, you may not know it, but you might’ve handled enough already and your body and brain are telling you to take a much-needed break, respite or even vacation.


“You don’t always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”-  Mandy Hale

Yes, this is hard to do.  We think we are Super men and women walking around, able to handle everything and everyone else’s needs but we forget about our own.  If we can’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of anyone else.  Remember how precious you are and how needed you are in this world.  Treat yourself well- you deserve it.

Don’t be afraid to turn to your good friends to lean on their shoulder for when they need it, you can be there to reciprocate.  Asking for help is a hard thing to do but it can be the best thing for us.  This weekend I was reminded that, I too, can’t handle everything on my own.  As I broke down in front of my friend, Michael, telling him “I feel so vulnerable” and “I should be able to do this on my own,” do you know what he said to me?  He said, “I’m here to help you, not take away your power.”  Wow.

That’s what I mean by a good friend.  Having someone to support you when you’re at your worst.  Someone to guide you and advise you when you’re at your best or even mediocre, as we all have these days.  Be a good friend and it’s amazing how good friends will flock to you.  And if they don’t reciprocate, that’s okay.  You did your best and not everyone’s definition of “good friend” is the same.  Maybe they are doing the best that they can with what they know.  Regardless, we are here to support each other and help each other when the tide gets rough and our life boat gets shaky.  And when that happens, remember you are not alone.  Many out there have the same type of days and there are several solutions but whatever you do, do the best for you so you can stand up, shake it off, and start anew.

For every day is a beginning, a canvas waiting for your brush strokes and what you do with it is up to you.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your day!

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  1. Madeline Johnson
    Sep 28, 2015 @ 15:55:17

    I had one of those nights last night – and yes a little rest and slowing down was just what I needed.

    Liked by 1 person


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