Paranormal Romance Authors and Halloween

Paranormal Romance Authors unite.  This is our time of year!

No, it’s not sweet Spring or even Sultry Summer which gets us excited, it’s Alluring Autumn and Halloween- the magic, the freakiness, the “anything can happen” crazy stuff we write about in our novels that our readers eat up and relish by volumes.

This time of year, when things go “bump in the night”- that’s our thing and that’s what we love.  That’s what we write about.  It is the spirit of who we truly are.  Open to anything, sharp and aware, creating stories from what we see, feel, hear.

If you follow, NaNoWriMo, that’s what you need to write about next month:  the wonderful, exciting stuff that gets our mind going and makes us think…what if?  So stretch your arms overhead into shoulder circles, crack your knuckles and get yourself ready because this is your time to shine!

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