Leave a Review, win free swag

Hi there.

Time to celebrate the upcoming New Year- 2016!!

So, who likes free stuff?

Starting today and throughout the month of January, for every 5 book reviews I get for either Nightfall or Jasper on Amazon, I will choose one random reviewer to receive free swag as a thanks.

Currently, I have 10 reviews for Nightfall and 3 for Jasper. Let’s shoot for 20 or more each book! We can do this!! And each book reviewer will be entered into my contest.

** Please note, once your review posts, I reserve the right to copy your review onto other sites such as: Goodreads, Luminosity Publishing, or others. **

– –Share this post with your friends to increase chances for reviews to be posted and your opportunity to win. Swag is chosen at random and at my whim and can include a free signed book from moi or possibly a free Amazon gift card for you. More swag will be added soon with the possibility of gifting you with books from some of my favorite authors. —-

Get started to win all kinds of goodies!! And good luck.

Amazon links to my books are:


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