You’re Loved

I woke up this morning, groggy and feeling a bit off, not ready to start the new year doing the same old, boring monotonous routine I’ve been doing every day 5 days a week now for many, many years.  I took some time to dance a bit, sensing the passion inside of me buried, knowing I need something … some new adventure, something exciting, an escape (a legal one, that is (smile).

This is not the first time I’ve been restless, wanting, unfulfilled- it comes in waves and cycles and I’ve become accustomed to it but it leaves you the same every time- feeling alone and searching for a solution.  Pacing like a caged animal, wanting freedom, ready to burst out screaming or singing- who knows- depends on the mood and scrutiny of the public eye.  A beautiful, spiritual woman many years ago told me “You are one who always want to progress” and, bingo, I realized she was right.  It’s amazing how something as simple and revered upon by society can cause such anxiety, restlessness and sadness within one’s soul.

But I am not here to talk about me, I’m here to talk about what came next.

Sitting at my desk, running over the mundane, routine of my day, I came upon a message that made me smile.

You’re loved,


This simple, direct, quick message warmed my heart and made all the difference, to me.  Because it meant so much to me and gave me a bit of hope, I thought I’d pass it on and ask you to give someone hope today.

People are strong, resilient and often times keep their own battles within, struggling, living with, and dealing with emotional journeys we don’t know about or maybe can’t even comprehend. All it takes is a few words, a helping hand, a sharing concern to let them know “It’s okay.  You’ll be fine.  You are not alone.”  That’s what Michael’s three simple words said to me this morning and I pass them on to you.  You are loved but others are too and they may not know it or might need a reminder.  Let someone know today.


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