It’s the little things…

This morning, I decided to treat myself to breakfast.

So, I went into a local cafe’ and ordered a breakfast sandwich.  The guy behind the counter took my order and then grabbed something behind him and asked me if I wanted coffee.  Before I could respond, he added, “Free, on me.”  I looked at him with a mixture of surprise and leeriness.  Free isn’t something that happens all the time but when it’s genuine, it’s amazing and can change your whole outlook.

The day started as usual- me lamenting going to work but even more so because I’m a bit under the weather; regardless, I knew I had a few things to attend to at work and they needed to be done asap, so I trudged in to the job.  That’s when I decided to treat myself and I encountered this very nice man.  The free coffee he gave me uplifted my spirit and made me smile.

Really- it’s the little things in life that can change your entire day.  And to this kind soul, I say “thank you” for making my day.  I’m sure he doesn’t know how much his generous gesture meant to me.

A small kindness can mean so much.  Let’s start a ripple effect.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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