Chocolate? Think twice

Have you ever wanted to scream and shout?



Quite frequently nowadays.

As a part-time caregiver on top of all my other duties:  full-time day job, part-time book business/marketer/promoter, wife and dog mom, there are days I just want to vent my frustration over the decisions my dad makes.  You see, he fell yesterday in his home and today he was supposed to see a Physical Therapist but he doesn’t want to.  He stated to me, by phone, that if this shortens his life, so be it.  That he will live a happier albeit shorter life, then.  Wow.  Talk about selfish.  But there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s his life, not mine and his decisions are his decisions…but do you have to tell me this 2 years after my mom passed away?  Granted, he’s said worse to me in the past two years- words even my husband remembers and wishes my dad didn’t speak.  No one should ever hear from a parent or relative that “all bets are off if I go to a nursing home.”  This on top of my additional duties at work is what I put up with on a week to week basis.

And my dad and I were never close~ but here I am, taking care of him because mom is not here anymore to do so.

Upon coming home, I think about writing him into my current book and I wonder what the Angel would say to the female protagonist when she talks about her dad.  I think about this for a while, discussing my latest idea with my friend Michael, throwing in that maybe she’s like me and gaining weight rapidly with all the stress that befell her, suddenly, all at once when my friend Michael says to me:

“No amount of chocolate will amend your dad’s situation.”

Startled, I stopped in my tracks and thought about what he said to me; then I nodded my head.  As usual, he’s right.

I am eating chocolate every day and steadily gaining weight when at one point I was actually eating healthier and losing weight.   With all the craziness and impossible demands I’m juggling now, topped off with the added stress of my dad’s failing health, I find myself dipping into the candy jar a lot more often than I should.  However; Michael’s right.  Eating chocolate will not help or change my dad’s situation but, eventually, it will change mine.  No amount of stress eating will help my dad and it won’t help me either.  I have to find another way to deal with the situation I have been handed.  What is the best solution for me?  I don’t know but I am willing to find out.

Take care my friends and thanks for reading.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. catwoman1a
    Aug 02, 2017 @ 17:41:56


    Two things I want you to do for me.

    1. Next time you are looking at that candy bar, imagine me, Sharon, saying, “Do you really, really, really want to eat this?” Tell yourself, “No.

    I am going to do something else a little bit healthier.” It doesn’t have to be a LOT healthier, just a smidge healthier. Grab a cup of tea and

    just let the tea warm you all over. Don’t forget…I’m that little angel (haha) on your shoulder.

    2. I think you should write about your dad. Write it all down, get it out of your system. Then re-read it. Then throw it away.

    All my thoughts are with you.

    Sharon Guagliardo

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  2. Rhonda F
    Aug 04, 2017 @ 21:45:46

    I love you my friend and you can send me all that chocolate…. LOL If you have to eat it, use the dark kind in moderation it is good for you. I need to exercise myself. but need surgery first before I can and get my health better , so if you can walk do it cause when I could , walking helped me and bicycle riding . Great stress busters. Take that dog for a walk . And don’t take what your father says personal . I know what you mean though I have been there many times with mine , just take it with a grain of salt. Take care of him and you the best you can that’s all you can do . And take time out for yourself , And if you need to have that hot fudge sundae once in awhile so be it . And you can send me half …lol Just do me a favor could you please send me some dessert also . 😀 LOL your friend always sending love ❤❤❤❤❤ Also I agree I love hot tea, chamomile is very relaxing with some honey . Yes write a dear dad letter I agree with that also. I have done that, it does help to write things out .



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