Be your own beautiful self

Hi Readers,


I am thankful to the co-worker who inspired my message for today.  If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have realized this valuable lesson.


Love your enemies.

It does not show weakness.  It shows strength.

We want to live a peaceful, smooth life.  In fact I think everyone wants this.  I don’t think anyone truly wants drama or upsetting situations but it is with adversity that we learn.  And it is from an incident with a critical, inflexible staff member that I thought of this valuable lesson today- to love your enemies.  People can only be who they are and; therefore, they can only act accordingly so the reason that they are acting the way they are is because that is all they know to do.  It is not their fault and it not a judgment for us to make whether they are right or wrong.

They just are.  They exist.

And by our actions, we can show them a better way to act.  If they are ready, they will learn how they act is not necessary and; hopefully, one day, they will realize it does not serve them a purpose anymore and then they can grow.  But don’t let yourself feel less than or not good enough because of their actions.  Don’t question yourself because of how they are.  Just be who you are and protect yourself from being affected by any repercussions their actions might bring and let them be.

Everyone has free will and with that, the right to act as they think is right but don’t let it affect you, your thinking or your behavior.

You are good as you are.  You will always be good as you are.

One thing that bothers me and is somehow a lesson I must overcome is the endless chatter from this one staff member when she doesn’t like something.  I can’t stand it.  I can deal with her bad behavior but her chatter is disturbing; however, I must remember, and this is a lesson for us all, that it doesn’t matter what she says about me because it doesn’t change who I am.  No amount of gossipy chatter can change who you are either.

One day I hope to be as great as my best friend, Michael.  I want to be an observer letting others’ behaviors bounce off me and not letting them get inside – to my heart-but for now, I will try to take one day at a time, one bad misdeed at a time, and have faith that good always overcomes, it always wins and I have nothing to worry about.

Be well my friends and always be your own unique, beautiful self.  xoxo

feel beautiful today

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