The best thing about losing weight

As I reflect upon my weight loss journey, I have to mention one of the best things I’ve found along the way with my weight loss experience.

I have had plenty of days I am so sick I can’t eat.  I’ve lost weight, as a result, but that is not fun…   I have had a few people comment on how much thinner I look.  I am thankful for their sweet praise, but that’s not the fun I’m talking about.

What has been fun for me through this brief journey are the new stores I am able to venture into that had nothing in my size before.  Changing departments from Women’s to Ladies was also an incredible difference I had to get used to.  I don’t think people who have never been a plus-size understand how Amazing it is to walk past a Lane Bryant or Avenue store (sadly all the brick and mortar Avenue stores closed in my area) and, instead, walk right into a Victoria’s Secret or Old Navy.  These stores never had anything to offer me before.  Granted, since the last time I walked into Old Navy, they apparently added a Plus size section but I was never able to enter this store before without feeling out of place.  Happily, this is no more!

It still floors me that not only can I walk into a Victoria’s Secret store but they actually have stuff, even lingerie, that fits me now!  WOW.  This is a big step for someone who was once a 22W+!!!  No one can truly understand how humbling this experience is for me.  It is so incredibly shocking to me that I almost want to cry every time I am able to fit into something smaller and able to go into a store without someone telling me I am in the wrong section (yes, a floor associate told this to me and my mom a while back at a major retailer).  People also look at you differently when you enter a store that does not have your size.  I don’t think they mean to but it still hurts for the woman who feels self-conscious about her size, to begin with.

There are some stores that I still can’t venture into yet but one day I will and that, too, will be a triumph for me!  Right now, though, I am relishing my mini-triumphs and having fun buying bathing suits (yes- bathing suits that are actually sexy and not tarps!!!) and evening dresses.

This is one small step for me and it has been a long, hard road but I am so very happy to be here now.  Thank you for joining me in this journey.  xoxo

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