A Terrific Twosome just for you!

Hi there my awesome fans!

I am back with not only one but two authors- an amazing author combo of mother and daughter!!  I love this and couldn’t wait to share with you their fantastic book and interview.  Check them out here and then make sure you one click a copy of their book.

Authors:  Christine King AGE and Alexandria Brown, age 10 

C King and daughter
1. Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.

CK – The Gem masters series is a wonderful idea. A world of possibilities. The strong lead female character Lara, is amazing and as a creation of my daughter’ imagination (my co author) it is brilliant to see it all come to life in print.
AB- I love Lara, there are not enough stories for girls that let them be head strong and able to sort out their own problems. I want to be as brave as Lara and to find my own path just like her.
2. Writing is a difficult endeavor.  What makes you continue to write?

CK- Love. I love writing, I love to see the characters on the page and I feel so proud of my work if it gives people a chance to escape into another world, a chance to be amazed or thrilled. I hope I never stop writing and entertaining.
AB- It is fun to work with my mum and to think up stories and characters that make people smile. I want to be a vet when I grow up but I also want to keep writing.
3. What do you look forward to every day?

CK- Everyday is a gift. I look forward to living it. I try to enjoy the little things. A robin in the garden, a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds or an unexpected smile. It’s a glorious world. Embrace it.
AB- I like to see my friends, I love science at school and I look forward to my daddy coming home from work so I can give him a big hug.
4. How do you define success?  What makes you successful?

CK- Success is a hard thing to measure. I guess I would like to think that being known as a writer, selling books and being happy would make me feel successful.
AB- My friends reading my book and liking it. Maybe if someone dressed up as Lara for world book day. That would be amazing.
5. Any tips for a newbie writer?

CK- Keep writing. Even if you throw it away, write. It’s hard work and you need a thick skin but just keep going. Listen to constructive criticism, I know it’s hard but listen and be ready to change things. Keep trying, don’t give up.
AB- Get help if you need it. Get others to read your work, then listen to what they say. Dream big and believe in yourself.
Follow the Authors:  https://gemmastersauthors.yolasite.com
** Grab your copy of Gem masters search for the unicorns tears **
Gem Masters book cover

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