Yes, I can relate. A painful, author memory, remembered

Hello there,

I saw this article and I had to share it with you. I can definitely related and I can feel this author’s pain.

It is the saddest thing in the world to arrive at a destination excited and happy to share your creative work and find that no one is interested…

I still remember my first book show I ever attended- it was at a Mall in Tampa, FL. I went back to the hotel, devastated and crying. I had been so excited but no one was even interested in my books or my giveaway.

The author next to me was racking up sales with her uplifting, non-fiction book which made it an all too painful reality, for me. I looked at my beautiful covers (The Guardian League and Nightfall) and doubted my ability to write and engage readers with my creative work. I wondered why I was even out in public, trying when I could be at home safe and out of the public scrutiny.

I look back at this still all too painful experience that hurts my heart every time I think of how devastated, disappointed and frustrated I was and I am thankful for it now. It was because of this horrible experience, that I climb out of my comfort zone every time I am at a book show.

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