Big thanks to Literary Titan!

Check out the Amazing review I received from Literary Titan, tonight, for my book Serenade. I am so thrilled. I always am when someone loves my work. I know it’s crazy as I’ve been writing now for almost 10 years but every time someone enjoys my books, it always amazes and surprises me.

4 Stars~

“Kingsley, a wolf shifter in search of his soul mate, serendipitously encounters her. However, he restrains himself from declaring his love, desiring her to truly know him first. Eva, a witch with the remarkable ability to manipulate electricity, finds an instant and undeniable attraction to Kingsley. Although she harbors suspicions regarding his shifter identity, she hesitates to embrace this truth. Can their profound connection transcend the challenge posed by their respective supernatural natures—a witch and a shapeshifter?

Within the pages of this enthralling work by T.K. Lawyer, readers are immersed in a world brimming with desire and passion. I relished the exploration of the profound bond shared by Kingsley and Eva, particularly as he adored every facet of her being, even during moments when she lacked self-assurance.

Kingsley’s ardent spirit and swift enchantment with Eva, despite their new acquaintance, imbued the narrative with an intriguing intensity. The tale unfolds at a pace that allows ample time for the story’s purpose to reveal itself in a leisurely fashion. While I feel the addition of more dramatic tension and a formidable hurdle for the lovers to surmount could have enhanced the narrative, the plot in its current form is certainly gripping. The unmasking of Kingsley’s shifter nature and Eva’s witchcraft might have been less emphasized, but this choice of subtlety lent a sense of realism to their extraordinary circumstances, ensuring their differences didn’t overpower the story’s focus on their relationship. Some instances of dialogue may lean towards theatricality, yet they add a rich layer of drama that keeps the conversation lively and emotionally charged.

The author excels in evoking an intense and fiery passion between the two protagonists. Lawyer’s adeptness at crafting vivid descriptions enables readers to visualize every scene with remarkable clarity, drawing them further into the narrative’s captivating world.

I recommend this book to individuals seeking a swift yet sizzling read, as it abounds with passionate romance. The undeniable chemistry between Kingsley and Eva and the author’s ability to create a vivid, immersive experience are noteworthy achievements.” – Literary Titan

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