It’s the little things…

This morning, I decided to treat myself to breakfast.

So, I went into a local cafe’ and ordered a breakfast sandwich.  The guy behind the counter took my order and then grabbed something behind him and asked me if I wanted coffee.  Before I could respond, he added, “Free, on me.”  I looked at him with a mixture of surprise and leeriness.  Free isn’t something that happens all the time but when it’s genuine, it’s amazing and can change your whole outlook.

The day started as usual- me lamenting going to work but even more so because I’m a bit under the weather; regardless, I knew I had a few things to attend to at work and they needed to be done asap, so I trudged in to the job.  That’s when I decided to treat myself and I encountered this very nice man.  The free coffee he gave me uplifted my spirit and made me smile.

Really- it’s the little things in life that can change your entire day.  And to this kind soul, I say “thank you” for making my day.  I’m sure he doesn’t know how much his generous gesture meant to me.

A small kindness can mean so much.  Let’s start a ripple effect.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

My thoughts regarding the Orlando Pulse Shooting

I was at the gym on June 12th when I heard about the shooting that occurred just two hours earlier.  It’s unnerving to know that there is still hatred, even in the United States- a land where everyone has the possibility to become what they aspire to.  And to know that this man- this terrorist- could’ve been or done anything with his life but he chose to become a serial killer, instead.

There has been a lot of debate since the tragedy occurred.  People have voiced their opinions quite openly about the gay community and lifestyle.  One of my friends posted on Facebook that some were even happy about the shootings, stating that being gay is evil.  Wow.  Really?  Did they miss the point that this is not about whether you are gay or not, this is not about frequenting nightclubs, this is not about your religion- essentially, it boils down to this- people died.

Human beings, like you and me, people who had family, friends, and Lives- perished.  Even if you don’t accept their lifestyle and their beliefs, you can at least value them for who they essentially are- a Human Being, just like you and me.  They did not deserve to be brutally attacked.  They deserved to live their lives accordingly.

I am really surprised by how people think being gay is evil and I know where some of this influence stems from but I’m not going to go into religion here.  Being gay, in my opinion, isn’t evil or sinful, it’s a preference.  It’s a different lifestyle that maybe you and I don’t understand but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to judge anyone for being who they are.  I have no right to nor would I want to impede on someone’s freedom and happiness.  I believe everyone has the right to pursue what they want in life and if it doesn’t harm anyone and is not unethical or immoral, I am not going to keep anyone from being happy.

Be who you are no matter what anyone else thinks.  My heart goes out to the families of the victims and to the survivors of this irrational act.

Thank you to a dear friend

I just wanted to say to my good friend, Michael, I hope you have a happy day today.  Thank you for introducing yourself to me four years ago.  Real friends don’t always see eye to eye but they learn from each other and they grow from their experiences and they learn to value each other.  The friendship you and I have has blossomed and grown stronger over the years.  I treasure your steadfast, reliable friendship in a world that is quite changeable and chaotic.  You are a true gem and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for you and I’m so happy to have you in my life.


Life is a struggle and then someone makes you smile

This week has been rough.  I came back from a week’s vacation to utter chaos the first day back.  I’ve been smoothing out small upsets all week -with staff and customers- trying to keep everything flowing and everyone positive on a daily basis  and have been, basically, trying to keep up with the overwhelming amount of work that comes with adding a new staff member with a new caseload while trying to still juggle the regular work from all the other staff.  It’s been Crazy but I survived and on Monday, I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of being a supervisor.

And to think, I used to complain I was bored…

Well, between the current craziness at my full-time job and the marketing/promoting/advertising of my 2nd job as an Author, while completing and editing my 4th book to send to my Publisher, running a Valentine’s Day contest/giveaway, drumming up more Likes for my page, interacting with my fans (which I Always love), writing blog posts, entering spotlights, adding my bio and info. to new sites and taking care of a family- whew- it’s amazing I’m still here and sane.

I’ve been a little stressed, sleepless, and my comments have less of a filter than before and I know – – – I need to relax but I keep going.  I’ve been living on caffeine, chocolates, and bad-really bad food that’s quick and easy.  So today, when I drove up to a stop light and saw a man with a cardboard sign making his way down a row of cars, I did what I normally do.  I grabbed a bag of non-perishable food that I always have in my car, rolled down the window and asked him if he wanted some food.  I was pleasantly surprised when he perked up, said “Absolutely!” and rushed over to my car.  What an amazing uplift that was for me and I wish the guy well and a warm, comfortable place to sleep all his nights.  It’s always wonderful when a person appreciates what you do and you never know when it might happen.  I find that when you need it, little joys occur for you to help you realize that you mean something.  They pop up as reminders for you to keep doing what you’re doing regardless of how tired you are and how  stressful life can be.  Everything we do has a purpose and when we falter, something comes in to tell us to go on.

So for all you lovely readers out there, thanks for taking the time to read my blog post.  The quote is true:


May you be well and blessed, always.