The Amazing A.S. Crowder

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I am here with another fabulous author, A.S. Crowder, who recently took the time to answer a few questions.  Check out my interview with her and be sure to pick up her book Evin.

1. Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.
Evin is a story about a girl who discovers that she’s one of several people chosen to save a magic place called the Forest of Evin. She has to find the other three people who share her destiny and put a stop to whatever power is tearing the Forest apart.
I started writing it when I was finishing up college. I was going through a lot of life changes, and felt a little unmoored. Writing Eva’s journey helped me figure out what was important to me and what I wanted. It also helped me rediscover the love of writing I’d lost in the tumult. It was the first door that opened to other opportunities to grow as a writer.
2. Writing is a difficult endeavor. What makes you continue to write?
Honestly, I don’t know how not to. But also, there are moments in the process that make it worthwhile.
I definitely get discouraged and have to deal with imposter system. I just finished reading through a first draft of my latest WIP.  It’s definitely a hot mess, but there were moments when I was reading it that I thought, “hey, this maybe doesn’t suck too bad”–even moments that I genuinely liked. Those moments keep me going.
Also, my 13-year-old niece said Evin was good. That’s enough to keep me writing for a while.
3. What do you look forward to every day?
I love sitting down with an idea and figuring out what makes it tick. Writing first drafts is fine–it’s a little like entering a fugue state; I get it all out without keeping track. But going back, sifting through the bits and pieces and reshaping them into a story, piecing together who the characters are and what they want–that’s the fun part. Outside of writing, I look forward to things like finding the next book I love, or losing myself in a video game, or snuggling with my cat and dog.
4. How do you define success? What makes you successful?
Success is a moving target for me. I’m always thinking about the next thing I want. First it was finish a draft, then polish, then find a publisher. Now, I’m working on finding representation and working on some projects that are more ambitious than what I’ve written in the past. I guess I’d define success as always driving to get better. A person who’s successful knows what they want, and they work to achieve it.
5. Any tips for a newbie writer?
You have to be bad at something first in order to be good at it. When you first start getting serious about writing, you’re going to have moments when you look at other people’s work and feel inadequate. That’s a normal thing to feel. You can’t compare your early stages to other people’s final product. Keep pressing. Take your time. Writing isn’t a race. You learn and grow on your own time.  It’s like any skill: it takes practice to get better.

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The best thing about losing weight

As I reflect upon my weight loss journey, I have to mention one of the best things I’ve found along the way with my weight loss experience.

I have had plenty of days I am so sick I can’t eat.  I’ve lost weight, as a result, but that is not fun…   I have had a few people comment on how much thinner I look.  I am thankful for their sweet praise, but that’s not the fun I’m talking about.

What has been fun for me through this brief journey are the new stores I am able to venture into that had nothing in my size before.  Changing departments from Women’s to Ladies was also an incredible difference I had to get used to.  I don’t think people who have never been a plus-size understand how Amazing it is to walk past a Lane Bryant or Avenue store (sadly all the brick and mortar Avenue stores closed in my area) and, instead, walk right into a Victoria’s Secret or Old Navy.  These stores never had anything to offer me before.  Granted, since the last time I walked into Old Navy, they apparently added a Plus size section but I was never able to enter this store before without feeling out of place.  Happily, this is no more!

It still floors me that not only can I walk into a Victoria’s Secret store but they actually have stuff, even lingerie, that fits me now!  WOW.  This is a big step for someone who was once a 22W+!!!  No one can truly understand how humbling this experience is for me.  It is so incredibly shocking to me that I almost want to cry every time I am able to fit into something smaller and able to go into a store without someone telling me I am in the wrong section (yes, a floor associate told this to me and my mom a while back at a major retailer).  People also look at you differently when you enter a store that does not have your size.  I don’t think they mean to but it still hurts for the woman who feels self-conscious about her size, to begin with.

There are some stores that I still can’t venture into yet but one day I will and that, too, will be a triumph for me!  Right now, though, I am relishing my mini-triumphs and having fun buying bathing suits (yes- bathing suits that are actually sexy and not tarps!!!) and evening dresses.

This is one small step for me and it has been a long, hard road but I am so very happy to be here now.  Thank you for joining me in this journey.  xoxo

New Release! Check it out.

This one is a bit late, I know, but who doesn’t like Holiday stories all year long?  I know I do!  Check out this too hot tale sure to thrill you and warm up those cold nights!

Jennifer Denys presents~

Naughty Christmas Present book cover- J Denys

This is a tale of unrequited love . . . but will it be requited by the end? Of course, it will — this is a Christmas story after all!

The question is, how will Gren, a troll and bartender at Pogue’s Bar, prove to the beautiful blonde Siren, Ligia, that he is the man for her? When unexpected circumstances bring them together, he jumps at the chance to give her a special Christmas present and show her that he is everything she needs. Will his present — a session in his personal S&M playroom – be enough? Or could her Siren song cause his death in the process?


The troll leaned in, placing hands either side of Ligia’s shoulders, holding her in place. “Why not try being the submissive for once?”

“Me? Ha! In your dreams.”

Her hands pounded his arms but he wasn’t letting her go. Instead, he bent his head to nuzzle her neck. “I think you’ve always fantasized of a Dom taking charge and keeping control, not letting you seduce them into doing what you want.”

Gren could feel Ligia trembling as he kissed her skin moving closer to her luscious mouth. “Never!” The Siren’s verbal response was at odds with her body.

He held himself a hairsbreadth from her lips. “You let Dante order you around.”

She huffed. “It’s a game we play. I always let him pretend for a few minutes.” Then she remembered the demon was dead and her attitude changed as she pushed at his chest. “Let me go. I’ve had enough Doms for one night.”

He was surprised by the sudden change in her demeanor and made a swift decision. “No.” He wasn’t going to let her go in this mood. She needed something to get over what had happened earlier.

The Siren frowned. “What do you mean, ‘no’?” She tried pushing him again with more determination this time.

Gren chuckled when she failed to move him. “Oh. And who exactly is in charge here?”

Ligia’s jaw dropped in astonishment. “There is no way I am letting you dominate me.”

The troll moved quickly, grabbing her hair tightly in one hand, pulling her head back. He encircled her waist with his other arm dragging her away from the wall. It was like taking an animal by the scruff. Ligia froze in his arms, her eyes widening in amazement.

“That’s more like it. What you don’t know, sweetheart, is that when I’m in here I’m the Dom! I was just letting you have a bit of fun before. It’s my turn now and I want you to kneel down.”

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The spectacular Elizabeth Guider

Hi Readers,

I am back with yet again another amazing author.  Check out novelist Elizabeth Guider, her interview and be sure to one click your copy of her featured book.

Author bio:

Elizabeth Guider is a longtime entertainment journalist who has worked in Rome, Paris and London as well as in New York and Los Angeles. Born in the South, she holds a doctorate in Renaissance Studies from New York University. Currently, she divides her time between Hollywood, where she does freelance writing about the entertainment business, and Vicksburg, MS, where she grew up and where she focuses on her fiction. Connections is her third novel. She is busy this summer completely a fourth.

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  1. Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.

My third novel is called Connections and was inspired by two friends that I have known for several decades and their very divergent yet entangled lives. In the novel they have been transformed into sisters and they choose very different paths in life and in love. Plus, each gravitates to one of the two great cities that have shaped much of my own life, New York and Los Angeles. Specifically, the plot of Connections spans the last 50 years and is told chiefly from the alternating points of view of the two sisters. The story takes us from Princess phones and prom dresses to the Vietnam War, women’s lib, the lure of Hollywood, 9/11 in Manhattan—and a family emergency like no other. Throughout the years the sisters, with their contrasting personalities and attitudes, often misread their own hearts or are mistreated by those they care about, but finally are challenged to summons their better angels when a life -altering crisis arises.

2. Writing is a difficult endeavor. What makes you continue to write?


I don’t think of writing per se as difficult since I’ve been a journalist for thirty years and, well, I learned early on it’s not a good career move to leave the paper in the typewriter blank, as it were! What is hard—-and different from what I have always done in a newsroom or for a cranky editor at whatever remove—is carving out and submitting to a daily routine. A novelist simply has to write on a regular basis sufficient to get into the lives of the characters. When I wake up in the night and am thinking about one or another of my own characters, rather than, say, my real-life friends, I know that I’m into it, and that the juices will flow and the words will come.

3. What do you look forward to every day?

What I most look forward to each day of writing is losing track of the time and finding that three or four or even five hours have flown by and I’m still immersed in fleshing out some scene or perfecting a dialogue or struggling to create a mood or an atmosphere. That feeling doesn’t happen every day; sometimes I simply agonize over a scene, or struggle for the perfect verb, or go back to my outline to rejigger some element that’s not working. Whatever the case, I do try not to berate myself unduly. It’s best, I find, in those instances to take a restorative walk, or sit down at the piano and play Mozart, or just sip a glass of cold white wine and call a friend over.

4. How do you define success? What makes you successful?

Like no doubt many others, I’d like to sell more books and not have to spend undue amounts of time trying to promote them. Famous last words, huh? However, the market is competitive and fragmented and reading novels is just one of many leisure activities people nowadays engage in. So, we all have to do what we can to get our literary efforts in front of the people most likely to be interested in them. I do feel successful though whenever a reader, known or unknown to me, searches me out to say they enjoyed one of my books, or that one of my characters resonated with them, or that — even better — they can’t wait to see what I come up with next. So, there’s that. And it’s invigorating.

5. Any tips for a newbie writer?


There’s so much good advice out there for anyone thinking of writing a novel, but here’s one general thing and one very specific thing, both of which continue to help me. To begin with, make sure that you as the creator of the story are passionate about it — the subject matter and the journey the main character will take. If you as the writer are not excited, it’s hard to imagine the reader will be. Secondly, at the end of every day of writing, stop your typing in mid-sentence, as it were, so that the next day you can pick up and get back into the swing of it without any trouble revving up.
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The incredible Emily Bex

Hi Readers,

I have another wonderful author to share with you, today.  Check out my author interview with Emily Bex and then check out her book, Blood Covenant and- oh by the way- doesn’t her cover look great?!?

  1. Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.

I didn’t start small. My first effort at writing fiction was to tackle a massive, six book multi-genre series. While I would classify the genre as paranormal romance, there are also elements of historical fiction and urban fantasy in the series. I read all genres, but I love the element of pure escapism that exists in fantasy fiction. It does require that the reader drop all pretense of reality, and be willing to take this journey with you. In The Medici Warrior Series, I created a new interpretation of the vampire culture, and built an entire world around them. I hope that the readers become as enthralled with the overarching story as they do with the romance between the two main characters, Shade and Kate.

2. Writing is a difficult endeavor. What makes you continue to write?

I fall in love with my own characters… all of them. The good, the bad and the ugly! If your characters are well developed they come to life in your head and they will lead you through the story. There were notes for my storyline that were completely ignored because the characters had a different idea in mind. I would wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, and have to grab a pen and scramble through the nightstand drawer for some scrap of paper to write on. If I couldn’t find a piece of paper I would have to get out of bed and go to the computer and write it down.

But with that said, there were also days when I stared at the screen, fingers poised over the keyboard, and the characters were silent. I could see the ending. I knew how I wanted this series to end and it became an exercise of connecting the dots, working backwards until I found the thread. When I was on the right track, the characters cooperated. When I lost the thread, they disappeared. Ultimately, writing is a discipline. It is establishing a routine, and having a space to write. It is sitting down every day and writing, even when everything you write that day ends up in the trash bin. It is a desire to do right by the characters you have created, and wanting to set them free in the world, and hope others love them as much as you do.

3. What do you look forward to every day?

Writing is as much an art form as painting, photography, or creating music. It is making something from nothing. It is tapping into your imagination, and escaping or reshaping reality. This is my outlet for channeling my creativity. And like all art, it is subjective. I think all writers must come to terms with this. Your work will not appeal to everyone, but hopefully you can find your audience and they will enjoy your work.

4. How do you define success? What makes you successful?

Anyone who pursues writing (or acting, or singing, or painting) with the objective of getting rich has missed the point. We can all hope for commercial success, but it should not be your motivator. Writers write because they have a story in their head that wants to be told. Success for me is having a reader who is excited by the story and eager to read the next book in the series. Success is a fan base that wants more.

5. Any tips for a newbie writer?

My advice for any new writer is patience. Find an editor who likes your genre, so they can give honest feedback, and ask them to be brutal. You don’t have to accept everything they say, but listen and give it consideration. Your friends and family may not be objective judges of your work. They may tell you what you want to hear, but not what you need to hear. Be prepared to edit, then edit, then edit again. If a word doesn’t work, get rid of it. If the sentence doesn’t flow, rewrite it, or get rid of it. Toss out whole paragraphs, and even whole chapters.

When your book is published, be prepared to work as hard marketing the book as you did writing the book. Your publisher can help direct you, or if you are an indie author, at least find someone who can help advise you on marketing. LaYou are an unknown in a sea of a billion writers, and this is the hardest part of all. Waiting for people to find you, and spread the word… “hey, I just read this book you might be interested in.”


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Emily Bex_Blood Covenant_Book cover

He knew when he met her how it would end.

The six book Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of the paranormal, romance, and historical fiction. The saga explores the roots of the Medici vampire dynasty in Renaissance era Florence, Italy as told through the eyes of the novel’s main protagonist, Shade Medici.

Book one begins in current times with Shade, a warrior king who is the sole male heir to the dynasty, and is expected to mate and produce an heir to secure the continuation of the coven.

He has waited over 500 years for the right mate when he falls in love with Kate Reese, a mortal girl. Kate is fresh off a broken engagement, and reluctant to open her heart to this stranger. His pursuit is unrelenting, and her curiosity gets the best of her as she lets down her guard, letting him into her life. Their passion for each other is searing, and he ignores the anger of the ruling Council when he pursues a mortal as his future mate. Shade is a complex character, who struggles to control his darker impulses as a vampire, and chooses instead to embrace his more human emotions.

He must draw Kate into his world, and prepare her for all the changes that will be demanded of her should she choose to bind herself to him through the blood covenant. Their path is filled with personal conflict, as well as with deceit, as others try hard to destroy their union, and Kate sorts through her discovery of the vampire sub-culture, learning what is fact, and what is myth.

She can have everything she ever wanted, but it comes at a price.

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A peek into the world of Justice K Chambers

Hello readers!

I had the chance to catch up with a fellow author, Justice K Chambers, recently and asked her my five author questions.  **Check out her interview here and be sure to one click your copy of her book, today! **


*Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.

“Shattered Living” is the first book I wrote. It took a lot of courage to write. I wrote “Shattered Living” in hopes that it not only brings awareness to mental illness but that it also will help others by knowing they are not alone in this battle.

*Writing is a difficult endeavor. What makes you continue to write?

The words live inside me. I would describe it as an itch you have to scratch. I have to set the words free or they haunt me. Each idea I have I must turn it into something because it seems to have a life of it’s own.

*What do you look forward to every day?

Spending time with my family and of course any chance to write.

*How do you define success?

Success is accomplishing your dream. Weather you make money or not. Money does not make someone successful. It is living your dream and taking it all in.

What makes you successful?

Never giving up and believing in myself even on doubtful days.

*Any tips for a newbie writer?

I am a bit of newbie myself so I am still learning along the way. The most important thing I have learned is to never stop writing.

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The Edge of Night

Hi Readers,

This author never ceases to amaze me.  He has written so many wonderful books with very little time to spare, it seems.  If you haven’t checked out one of his books, I urge you to do so.  He loves to hear from his fans, too.  If you love his books, let him know.  He will be so happy to hear from you!


Jeff Botzenhart Author Picture

The Edge of night by Author Jeff Botzenhart:

The apocalypse ended years ago. From the carnage of war, rival societies influenced by misunderstanding have sought refuge in the sky above Earth’s devastated surface. Having grown up in constant sunlight, never seeing traces of night, Sage, a daylighter, wonders why his dad is scared of the dark. Years later after a violent solar storm cripples his skyjammer, he briefly encounters exiles from Earth’s dark side. When captured by Nightdwellers, people who only live in the darkness, he’s held prisoner in an unimaginable place. Sage learns why his dad was afraid, as escape may be futile from those who lurk on the edge of night.


Author Bio:

Jeffery is the author of 24 published stories in multiple genres. When not writing or spending time with his family, he’s involved with Special Olympics sports and is an avid painter.

One of Jeffery’s incredible paintings~

Jeff Botzenhart_One of his paintings

The Great Tamalyn E Scott

Hello friends,

I was privileged to interview another author, recently.  Her books are quite adventurous and clever.  I hope that you will take a look and, as her website states, Get Lost In the Journey.  It will be magical!  In the meantime, check out my interview with the amazing Tamalyn E Scott:


  1. Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote. 

As a writer, every story is my favorite. They are all my babies! But having to choose, I believe, ‘Rebecca’, is my favorite. My books are Post Dystopian, after the horrors of the dystopian era and in the twenty-sixth century where no technologies are allowed. They live as they once did as the knights and lords in the days of old. I also love the humor in this book. I love writing my male characters personalities and if I’m asked, “Is the character based on you?” I would have to say no, but the humor is defiantly me.


~The storm took more than Rebecca’s husband. It ruined most everything she had. Rebecca was grateful that her horse, Fella, and dog, Jack was spared. Somehow, she found the strength to load the wagon and head for her mothers. But how was she going to honor Roberts’s last request? Numbly, she traveled the long dusty road when the sound of thunder cracked through the air bringing startling her and brought two enormous men on horses in a cloud of dust. Rebecca realized just how alone she was…Through Rebecca’s eyes, you will see, feel and experience her journey of finding out that what you believe isn’t always true and things aren’t always what they seem.~

2. Writing is a difficult endeavor. What makes you continue to write?

My readers. They love the way I write and complain because they stayed up all night, having to be to work in an hour. Or how husbands want dinner…can you imagine that? But when someone says, “I haven’t been able to sleep peacefully for months, but your books take my mind off of things and I sleep so well.” This person lost her husband and a sister in a short time. That makes me want to write even more.

3. What do you look forward to every day?

I look forward to continuing that movie playing in my head. Sometimes I write until the movie stops. I once wrote 18 hours! But yes, I do see a movie playing in my head!

4. How do you define success?

Success to me is having readers love my novels and asking when the next one will be released. But reaching my goals and have readers ask for more, well, that is a success to me.

What makes you successful?

It still blows my mind when someone asks, “Are you, Tamalyn Scott? I’ve seen your books on Amazon!” or when someone says, “I have read all your books! I hope there is another one coming!” “Your books should be movies!” Once I was told by a man studying to be an English Lit, teacher and he read my novel and he felt empowered! Or a woman feels like there is hope in finding love, I feel that is a success. I take everyday problems and write them into a world where there is hope, honor, trust, integrity, and love. Real love or how love should be.

5. Any tips for a newbie writer?

If you love to write, do it! If you have a story to tell, tell it! Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not going to make a living writing novels. You might not, but if you love to write, then do it. Another thing you must do is make sure you get a good editor! You’ll probably write and rewrite, but it will only make it better! I turn off all the bells and whistles when I write or, being OCD as I am, I’d want to correct everything and the movie would stop. That’s a secret I personally use. After a couple of chapters, I would go back and proof the storyline. I also keep a list of towns and people. That helps with keeping your story consistent. But mostly, believe in yourself and have fun!

Thank you so much, Tamalyn.


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Fangs? Yes, please!


I would like to introduce you to a fantastic author and an incredible individual.  An impressive female whom I also have the privilege to call my friend.  Tessa Valis.

If you have not read her books, you need to.  She has a way of drawing you in, pulling you into her world and immersing you in so deep that you envision the scenes around you happening at the same moment the words are flying off the pages.

** Recently, Tessa took some time out of her busy day to grace me with an author interview.  Come take a look.  **

  1. Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.
    I like to think I haven’t written my favourite yet. I love Kira and Carter like they are family. Carter has been with me a very long time so I love writing anything with them in it. But my favourite hasn’t been written yet. It’ll test me and push me. It’ll make me cry and bring me joy. I push myself a little more each time I write so I’ll get my favourite one day 🙂
  2. Writing is a difficult endeavor.  What makes you continue to write?
    I started writing when I was signed off work with depression. I found my love of reading again and that sparked the fire to write. I have many half finished pieces dating back to my teens but it was when I was in the darkest part of my life that I found a light in reading, an escape. It helped me find my own story and I wanted to tell it. Eyes Open started one night when I was just typing out random thoughts and it actually ended up being a whole book. The first long story I’d ever finished and it lead to more. It’s knowing that my writing can let someone escape that keeps me writing. Someone helped me escape, so I want to give others that chance.
  3. What do you look forward to every day?

I look forward to seeing my family everyday. When I wake up the first two things I see are my husband and my cat, closely followed by my kids. I look forward to hearing the bird song before I go to work and I look forward to finding chances to pay it forward. I make it my goal to do one good deed each day for someone else. no personal gain, just to pay the good feeling forward. It can be holding a door open or letting someone out of a junction at rush hour. small things make big changes.

4. How do you define success?  What makes you successful?

Success is different to everyone. Some days success is just being able to get up and make it out of the door in the morning. I like to think of success as a series of small victories that are progressively more numerous than the failures. Although it’s the failures that teach you how to achieve the success and value it more. Being humble and appreciative of what I have makes me successful in my eyes.

5. Any tips for a newbie writer?

Have faith in your story. Writing comes with time, experience and knowledge but stories come from imagination, dreams and a wealth of life experience. A well known gentleman who created an entire world on a disc (R.I.P Terry) once wrote back to me when I asked for advice and his words stuck with me. Write about what you know and life a full life. I now know the wisdom in his words. Life experience is a pool you can draw from. Heart-ache, joy, relief, sadness, grief, love, lust, hatred, anger, they are all ink in your pen, words in your arsenal. A full life is what everyone should live for. Live on the edge of your comfort zone and keep pushing the boundary back. The founder of the Scouting Association, Baden-Powell once said:

Try to leave this world a little better than you found it and, when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best.”

I believe in everything we do in this life we should try to better ourselves and make the world a little better 🙂

Tessa’s beautiful book- the first in her Highland Hunters series- featuring her beloved characters Kira and Carter is available on Amazon!


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Hi Readers,

~ Do you have a friend like this? ~

I have this secret friend.  Well…. people who know me know who Michael is but others don’t.  He’s not on Social Media but he is searchable.  He is an amazing, incredible man who is very much alive and most days he is busy, busy, busy but he always has time for me.

I can not say enough about Michael- who I met Seven years ago today at a local bookstore.  Though it’s hard for me to turn to anyone, he urges me to turn to him.  He provides comfort, support and encouragement.  And whether I like it or not, he always provides wise, solid, on-point advice that makes me think and sometimes changes the way I see things.

You see, Michael is cerebral, while I am emotional.  We are a good combination.  Where I can’t see clearly sometimes, Michael parts the clouds and clears my vision.  I help him with understanding things on an emotional level- not that he is devoid of emotion- but sometimes he doesn’t understand things the way others do and considers them petty but in explaining to him how I feel, he can see how I arrived at that conclusion through what I was feeling.

The wonderful part about Michael is how honest and humble he is.  Michael is gorgeous but he will never know it.  What matters to him is who you are and not what you look like on the outside and for some reason, he likes me.  Though I may never understand why, I am grateful to him for his friendship.  He believes in me and supports me no matter what.  He is an incredible force for truth, living his life with integrity and to affect good in as many ways as he can, as we all struggle to do so in our often too short lives.

There aren’t many people I look up to but Michael is one of them.  I respect him and I’m proud of him.  He really tries and he is one-of-a-kind.  The fact that he loves me and wants me in his life is amazing.  I am ever grateful to him for all he has done for me and so happy we were placed in each others’ paths that fated night seven years ago.

Thank you, my beautiful Michael, for all you do and all you are.  I love you!



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