Why ‘switching things up’ can be a good thing

Sometimes, as a writer, things can get overwhelming, especially when you are trying to juggle several demands (work, relationships, family) at once.  Then add to that- seeking a publisher or an agent and all the work entailed with that process (following specific formats catered to each individual you contact, weeding through the vast quantity of agents and publishers that don’t take your genre or aren’t accepting queries or submissions).  To top it off, the toe-tapping, nail biting period between submitting all your work and getting the ‘golden ticket’- what you’ve been writing for in the first place- that lovely contract that says “Yes, we want to publish your work” can be extremely long.  Even one day can seem like several and a month akin to a year.

So, in the meantime, what are you going to do with all your available time?  Check your e-mail every hour on the hour, expecting any minute to receive that brilliant white light of paperwork welcoming your manuscript to a new family?  You will drive yourself nuts plus it’s a real strain on your emotional health and well being, after a while.

The old saying, “if it is meant to be…” is true.  It will happen for you but only when the time is right- for you.  This can be frustrating and it often is for debut or relatively new authors wanting to get their product out, trying to make writing their career, and trying to build an audience.  But the concept of everything happening when it is supposed to happen for you is not going to change just because you’re upset you didn’t get the contract today or you received another rejection.  Remember- rejections are only one person’s opinion and they really have nothing to do with the value of your work or the long hours you spent crafting your manuscript before sending it out.

The best thing for you to do is to step back and do something else.  I know it sounds crazy but doing something fun and enjoyable just for you re-energizes you and gives you strength to carry on.  It also allows the process of flow and creation to occur in your life.  Because when you are stressed, you are blocking – and you don’t even know it.  You’re just trying, fighting, doing anything to do what you love.  This is when you need to turn off the computer, check your e-mails only once per day, and do something nice for yourself for a few days to several weeks.  Unwind, read something else for a change, focus and concentrate on something different.  For taking that crucial step back, essentially switching things up,  will allow you to continue doing what you love- later.

Take care, my friends.

Valentine’s Day in our hearts

Sometimes we forget.  Life gets busy.  Things get thrown on us at the last minute and we have to bend, sway, or sometimes even adapt to new situations or circumstances we find ourselves in but, regardless, in anything we do and with every person we encounter in life, we should approach them with love in our heart. Sharing love is difficult to do and it’s a life lesson for most of us.  It’s really hard to share your love (in this case, our positive regard) with someone that’s hurt us or that we think is not deserving of your love but then, that’s a judgment call on our part.  We should never change who we essentially are for anyone else.  Approaching others as our best, in the best way we can, makes us better people and keeps us righteous.  We are sharing our true selves with others not our defense mechanisms, our protective shields but who we truly are, no holds barred.  We can’t control others and their reactions but we can stay true to ourselves and share our authentic selves with others.  That makes us winners in the end. So hold a Valentine’s Day full of love in your heart and share with the world your endless supply.  Be true to yourself and take care.

New Year’s Resoloutions

Recently, a friend of mine passed away.  He was only 55 years old and in a span of one week he entered the first of two hospitals and died in the second one.  It’s funny how sometimes you don’t really know how much a person meant to you until they are gone.  This man, Ray, was more my husband’s friend, I considered, but his death has impacted me too.

I find myself remembering things or seeing things that remind me of Ray.  The other day my husband and I commented on how we were going to invite him and his wife back to Tarpon Springs, FL for a fun day at an arcade museum we just heard about there.  I was looking forward to watching Ray’s face light up as he played video games alongside my husband.  Sadly, that will never be but it’s a valuable lesson to all of us to not hold back, not wait for a better time to do things.  Act now while you can.  Love those around you, share your love with family and friends, do little acts of love and support and let nothing hold you back for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

So with the coming of the New Year, 2015, forget the dieting, forget the ‘life altering’ plastic surgery and other non-essential trivia.  Let’s remember what’s really important:  family and friends and being of service to others while we are still here.  Let’s resolve to spend every minute we can with those who are most important to us, to laugh, cheerily and heartily, with every opportunity we get, to cherish every moment as a gift, a treasure we may never be able to reclaim and to love openly, sharing our generous heart with those who love us back.

Let’s not let anything keep us from living, loving, sharing, and enjoying life.  It is what we make of it so let’s make every day special and joyful in some way.

Cheers to you and be safe during this coming New Year.

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