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Want to know why I wear cat ears at each book signing?  It’s in honor of my Street Team/Fan Group, the Kick-Ass Kittens.  I absolutely love this wonderful group of my closest fans and they get all the benefits with exclusive access to my WIP, exclusive contests to win great stuff and even free books.  Want to join?  Request Kitten membership with this link.  We have so much fun!

Kick-Ass Kittens Banner1

Do you know I have a Fan Store????  Yes, come check out my books, swag and hand-made jewelry- yes!  Hand-made by yours truly, right here:

Fan Store Profile pic and advertisement

Digital Ribbon received from Authors Talk About It for their 4 Star Rating for Jasper, The Guardian League, Book One- 2016 Book Award Contest Year and for Apollo, The Guardian League, Book Three- 2017 Book Award Contest Year:

Authorgraph Link:

Angels and Diamonds Trailer:

Nightfall  Trailer:

Jasper, The Guardian League, Book 1 Trailer:

Centurion, The Guardian League, Book 2 Trailer:

Apollo, The Guardian League, Book 3 Trailer:

Aeron, The Guardian League, Book 4 Trailer:

Orion, The Guardian League, Book 5 Trailer:

Shifter Shorts Book Trailer:

To keep up with all videos regarding my books, including new Book Trailers, follow me on YouTube:


I am so excited about my new Logo for all my Paranormal Romance books.  Created for me on July 29, 2020, here it is:


*~*~* And my new Logo for all my other Romance novels~ Contemporary and other wise. This is it. Check out my signature cat ears! I LOVE it!

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