The Book Obsessed Babes are back!

Hi Readers,

Guess what? One of the best book shows in Florida is coming back to Jacksonville, Florida next month! And I will be a part of it!!!

Tickets including special events are still available, for a limited time. There are so many things planned, you will want to get an all inclusive pass so you can experience everything!

I am hosting the Bingo and Lunch events. Get your pass and come see me, sit at my table and get goodies too, exclusively from moi!

Come see me at the signing, on Saturday, to get all the books you want, signed by me. And get your chance to win a multi-author prize pack giveaway filled with books and swag at the end of the signing event!

This is going to be a great party!

Love Vampires? Check out this book!

Hello my amazing readers!

I have a new book to showcase to you, today. Check it out, here and one click your copy, today! This one looks amazing.

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When a man loves, he may not do so with his heart, because a vampire is no one’s friend.

Overwhelmed by the attention of two beautiful men, Sophia needs to disappear so that neither Captain Jared Walters nor Zanephyn Heardt can find her. But they do, each making their own demands on her. If only she can forget the theories that Zane is a vampire killing women for their blood. Vampires are an urban legend – they don’t exist in real life, do they?

Returning home to Cape Town, Sophia plans to continue her life as if she never knew either man. But then Zane arrives on her doorstep. All the feelings for him she tried to suppress rushes back and she agrees to marry him. He is again the man she fell in love with and dated for more than a year.

Meanwhile, six people work tirelessly to prevent this marriage from happening. His mother, the witch, knows that Zane doesn’t mean marriage in the normal sense of the word. From the day he met her, Zane had plans for Sophia she is unlikely to survive. The slayer can’t kill the vampire until the time is right – on the day of the wedding, when Zane has Sophia in his thrall. To protect Sophia until then, Zane’s mother and sister, who is a lawyer and a witch-in-training, cast daily spells to bind Zane’s purpose for Sophia.

But what exactly does Zane plan to do with her?
Is Jared going to roll over and forget what he had with Sophia?

About the author:


Bestselling international author of spooky paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and fantasy romance, Maggie Tideswell has a passion for romance. She combines things that can’t be explained with sweaty bodies and rumpled beds in a way that will make your toes curl and your hair stand on end.

Maggie lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband Gareth and a cat called Auntie. She just can’t do without perfume, her tea and the internet. She is nearly as passionate about food as she is about creating alpha heroes every woman will fall in love with, just as she does, every time.

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