Angels all around us… and soon to be in my books


Dear Readers-

No angel is “off limits.”  You will find various angels with different statuses in my books.  But each one will find their mate; however, it is ultimately up to their mate whether or not they accept the relationship.

 My angels are strong, loving and protective and their mates are feisty and rebellious.  They test their angels limits at times…

 But in the end, love prevails, as it should.

Nightfall Book Trailer

Nightfall Book Trailer is now on You Tube.  This sizzling paranormal romance is available at or for purchase.  Check out the book trailer at:



Nightfall is almost here!


In the meantime, here’s a peek to tantalize your senses:

A woman burned by love-

Tamara is done with men.  She is not looking for a relationship, of any kind, when she finds a beautiful, stray dog on her doorstep.  Different and rather unique, he wins her over and she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all- that of pet and pet owner.

A man determined to have her-

Josh is not a dog though he is very much a male with one desire….her.  He has no interest in being a pet to his fated mate and must find a way to reveal himself without scaring her away.

A love that will test their strength-

Tamara is drawn to Josh in ways she can’t explain but she’s been burned too many times in the past by too many men.  Can she learn to love again?

Can Josh convince her she is his intended and not fear what he is?

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**Official release date for Nightfall is Friday, October 24th. **

What really is Love? Or carving out the definition of this unattainable word through an angel’s eyes.

Love.  When you hear the word, what comes to mind?  Hearts floating in the air?  A couple kissing, holding hands, spending time together doing something mutually fun?  Smiles?  Genuine laughter?  All of this culminating in a wedding day with flowers, confetti and a wedding cake (or carved ice sculpture if you’re one of the lucky upper class).  Regardless, the definition of love differs depending on who you speak with.  Though there are several similarities to note.

1.  It involves more than one person.  In order to love someone or something there has to be at least one other being or object involved.

2. It involves emotion.  The degree of emotion differs per person and, if it’s a being such as an angel, the emotion is a constant, unwavering, unconditional, abiding one.

For angels, love is not complicated, confusing or confounding- it just is.  Love is based on faith and trust.  Love allows for freedom for growth and expression within a relationship.  Love is unconditional where the person who loves doesn’t need to have their love reciprocated.  Even if the love isn’t reciprocated, an angel will still love no matter what.  An angel will love someone regardless of how that person thinks or feels, regardless of their deeds or misdeeds.  Love is without expectation, without conditions.  It never changes, never wavers, and is always there.  Love doesn’t seek to control the other person but to be there when the other person is weakened or tired of the demands of the world and needs to “refresh” and “renew” for another day’s battle.

An angel’s love is one that is understandable and incredible but impractical for human beings.  It is near impossible to love someone unconditionally on Earth.  Many strive to achieve it but few do.  It is a test of extreme faith and trust to love someone, daily, who because of their free will and choice, could stray at any second, shatter your heart into pieces, and never come back.  But what do angels do?  They stand to the side and wait.  Nothing ever bothers them, nothing will ever change their mind.  Their love is endless and immeasurable.  So, in light of this, thank you angels for being by our sides and loving us no matter what we may do, think or feel.  THANK YOU from all of us here on Earth who believe in you mighty beings.  We love you in the only way we can- from our hearts.

Being plus-sized in a ‘thin is in’ world

There is a wonderful article I just read today that inspired me to write this column.  Check it out at:

I cheer on the author of this article!  I can tell you from experience that it is truly hard being plus sized.  Though there are some stores that sell clothing in our sizes there aren’t many that understand our fashion needs or desires.  Just because we’re larger doesn’t mean we want to wear tents- we want to look and feel sexy too!  Sadly, it seems you need to earn a substantial amount of money to buy anything out there that looks half way decent.  Plus-size clothing is not cheap.  You will never find a plus-sized woman walk into a thrift store and buy a beautiful, never worn dress for $5 but you might find a thinner woman doing so.

My dilemma doesn’t stop with finding decent clothing- oh no- I also have the ‘plus-size’ calves.  As a result, I just can’t go into any store and buy a pair of boots off the shelf like everyone else can.  I have to shop at traditional plus-size stores to even have a chance to wear semi-decent boots that cover me.  Now….if I could only find a store (not online) that sells over the knee boots in my size….  I would love that.  I’ve always thought those were sexy but have never been able to find them—- for me.

I always hear stories of how plus-sized women have been maltreated by others.  Unfortunately, I have not escaped this plight.  Two occurrences in the past come to mind:  one where a rude sales clerk told my mom and I that we were in the wrong section of the store and that we needed to go to the ‘Ladies’ section and another where a customer told her son (right next to me) that the food scale was for people who couldn’t control their portions.  She then gave me a scathing look.  Talk about rude!!!  Unfortunately these occurrences happen all the time to plus-sized women.  Apparently we are an easy target for the narrow-minded.  It is very sad in this modern day that larger women are not seen for who they are but for what size they are.

Surprisingly, I noticed this inequity in the world of romance books.  Though I have noticed recently that the word is getting out and that they have a classification for books with larger women (BBW), unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a wide selection of books in this classification.  Fortunately, for me, that is a good thing because all of my heroines are plus-sized women with real-world issues.  Yes, my heroines are strong, independent, smart, and most of all- fiery but they are also unsure, a bit insecure about their weight and their worth though all remain open to love and commitment.  Each one finds her ‘knight in shining armor’ in different ways.

My first book (a sizzling paranormal romance) to honor big beautiful women everywhere debuts on October 24th.  Josh, a wolf shifter finds his true mate, Tamara and will stop at nothing to woo her and make her his mate.  Nightfall will be available in E-Book and paperback.  You can purchase your copy through Luminosity Publishing at