A day in the life of an Author

First of all, let me start off with…  Aaargh!!!!!   What a day this has been.  But if you think an Author’s life is all roses and pink-colored glasses, guess what, it’s not that way at all.

Life for an author is a struggle.  I imagine this continues until you make it big.  For those very few who do, I commend you for getting past the struggle and finding your own way through it- a secret that the rest of us are still scratching our heads and trying to figure out for ourselves.

As one of the majority of struggling authors, I have found that authors are just people, having the same personalities, nuances and quirks as everyone else.  The only difference is they write, hoping to make a living out of it.  Being an author doesn’t gift you with a magic wand or special powers (wouldn’t that be great, though?) to make your endeavor easier.  There’s no one to hand you a simple step-by-step “How to be famous” handbook.  Finding authors that can advise you, coach you and/ or even help advertise on their FB wall to get the word out about your book is extremely hard to find but when you find one, latch on to them for they are worth gold in this sometimes secretive, harboring precious details “special society” you have now become a part of.

It’s a struggle and unless you’re a celebrity or have connections, the sales will be slow to nil but don’t stop.  Keep plugging along, at least that’s the wise advice I got today from my good friend, Michael, when I was ready to ball my eyes out for all the frustrations I’ve endured, lately.  I know now why authors self-publish.  As much as I like traditional publishers and crave the status and camaraderie of an agent to help me with my work, having one book published a year doesn’t keep up a momentum to increase one’s fan base or does much for one’s self esteem.

As the year draws to a close, think about your goals and focus on one big one that can start the flow going for the others.  For instance, I want to sell books but in order to sell, I also have to write.  I have marketed, participated in Author Takeovers, spotlights, interviews, book tours, contests and giveaways until I can turn rainbow colors but if I don’t have any books to talk about, I can’t promote, market or advertise and my readers will have nothing to look forward to.  So, the key is write, write, write and don’t forget it.

The more books you get out there, the more you can talk about, the more you can generate a fan base, and the more known you will be (we hope).  This is what I’ve learned from today’s frustration.  That and the confirmation that every author needs a strong, dependable friend or a support group.  Mine today was Michael, quoting to me words from the song “Gone, gone, gone” by Phillip Phillips, “Like a drum baby, don’t stop beating.”  Don’t let my passion die.  Don’t stop writing.  That’s pretty much Michael’s words to me, in a gist.  And for you, my dear colleagues and friends, don’t you stop either.

Here’s to a better, more profitable New Year for all of us!  Cheers.

Leave a Review, win free swag

Hi there.

Time to celebrate the upcoming New Year- 2016!!

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Top Erotica- Fave New Authors for 2015

What a fast year!  In three more days, we will be saying goo-bye to 2015.

As our minds wander and drift over the best and worst moments of our year and what we could’ve done better, some of us will make plans to make the upcoming year different, creating countless lists in our head, on paper or even on our phone or tablets of:   how, when and what to keep us on track.

Well, I’m one of them.

I’ve recently done quite a bit of reflecting myself.  2015 has been a different, challenging year for me.  Quite a lot has happened that was unpreventable but forced me to adapt; however, several other experiences I’ve cherished, such as:  meeting new authors, reaching new readers in fun Author Takeover events and attempting new connections.

As a full time employee, part time writer, wife, and caretaker of my newly widowed dad, it is hard to find time to do much else but I do like to read a book or two when I get the chance.  I have read several that, sadly, turned out to be less than I hoped:  countless errors in grammar, spelling, typos, you name it- it had it.  One self-published book in particular was the worst I ever came across.  The concept was great but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I tried, and I mean really tried, to read the pages of the worst writing I ever encountered in my life.  I was loathe to harm the author and write a review that would discredit her, when I personally understand how necessary favored reviews are needed (a challenge I still face to this very day) and coveted.

However, I have found several authors during the year who were new for me and great ones to keep on the lookout for future books.  These authors all bring something different ‘to the table.’  Not all of them are Erotica authors; nevertheless, their books are worth checking out.  So, to the new authors I’ve listed here today, thank you for your excellent work and your creative imaginations that took me away for a short while and entertained me.  Here are some of my favorites for 2015, listed in the order I read them:

1- Heartstrings by Nova LaMason.   Erotica, Gay Romance.  The story revolves around three men, all with different musical talents at a prestigious school for musical prodigies.  This was a well-written, wonderfully crafted love story which entertained me from the first page and I highly recommend it.

2-Panda Date by Lea Lacey.  BBW, PNR Shifter Romance.  Okay…I have to say the concept of a Panda shifter intrigued me and that’s why I bought the book.  It was a neat, fun read until the very end where it came to a fast, hurried conclusion and ended too soon.   However, because of the clever idea of a panda shifter and because I love Panda Bears, I have to include this unique book in my list.

3- Cazadora (Dakota del Toro Book One) by Julia DeBarrioz.  PNR, Urban Fantasy.  This book was a happy surprise.  The author’s excellent writing, good use of humor and descriptive details pulled the reader into the story alongside the heroine, Dakota.  The captivating interplay between Dakota and Diego just added to the intrigue of this book.  Another highly recommended read!

4- Saved by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage.  PNR Shifter Romance.  What an amazing read!  First of all, I chose this book because I love dragons and the idea of dragon shifters- whew- don’t get me started.  However, I fell in love with the characters Chloe and Saul.  Saul rescues Chloe when she is stuck out in the middle of nowhere, transports her back to his lair (his cave) and finds her different and intriguing, to the point that he marks her as his mate.  But that doesn’t mean he’ll force his love on her- no- she must love him on her own.  Sadly, the love story ended too fast for me but it wasn’t rushed or hurried and it followed a steady pace until the end.  Swoon.  I highly recommend this book for all dragon shifter lovers!

5- Her Stepbrother’s Secret Desires by Terry Towers.  New Adult & College, Coming of Age, Erotic Romance.  Okay this is a little beyond what I normally read; however, there was a cop in this story and that peaked my interest.  This story started as a slight turn-off with Ryker (what a great name for a cop!) man-whore ways (that’s exactly how the author describes him).  However, Chloe, his step-sister and secret admirer doesn’t have a chance with him until she moves to start college and Ryker offers his spare bedroom as room and board.  That’s where things get really heated because they both find each other attractive but don’t want to acknowledge it because of the taboo nature of being step-siblings.  Anyway, I won’t spoil the story anymore but it was a hot read and I definitely recommend it.



Enjoying the Holidays when you’re under the weather

Hello all.  I hope that you are safe, doing well and are surrounded by love.  I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been down with a sinus infection but am still trying to enjoy this fast-moving Holiday season as much as I can.  I hope you are too.  It will be 2016 before you know it.

The Holiday season is upon us and yes, it’s much better and easier to enjoy the Holidays when you are feeling well, at your best, have had the eight+  hours of sleep your Family Doctor advised you to get, but when you are sicker than a dog and the weeks pass by with you cooped up like a hermit in your house, what are you to do to get the most out of the remainder of the season when you want to bury yourself underneath layers of comforters instead of bursting into song.  Possibly these 5 tips might help.

  1. Watch Holiday Movies- they have been on since before Thanksgiving, if you haven’t seen one, turn the TV on now, grab a box of tissues, your favorite fleece blanket and park yourself on your couch for the next few hours and let someone else entertain you.
  2. Ask, cajole, or even bribe a friend to take you ‘Christmas light looking.’  Marveling at Christmas lights around the neighborhood is a tradition of sorts during this time of year.  Don’t let the season pass you by without your chance to view the houses you adore.  Your friend can drive you around with the windows up as you stare in fascination at the sparkly, cheery glow of lights and decorations you didn’t have to put up, yourself.
  3.   If you can, donate to a special charity or one that is close to your heart.  The act of giving is what the season is all about and it might even help you heal faster.  Most agencies accept donations online so all you have to do is ‘fire up’ the computer and choose a charity.  It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons on your keyboard plus it will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart, even between coughing fits, that you helped to make this word a better place for someone else.
  4. Let someone else cook.  If you are up to it, you can plan the meal but let someone else do the cooking, baking and setting up while you relax on your couch with a hot beverage.  Now is not the time to try to do things on your own, it is a time for letting others take care of you.  So if they offer, accept the gift and sit back down, put your feet up and rest.
  5. Celebrate with good friends.  Even if you can’t get together for the actual event or day, spend a little time with those you love and celebrate on a separate day just between you and your friends.  It’s true that love heals and it’s also good for your spirit.  Good-natured laughter improves your mood, the healing process and strengthens bonds.  Don’t let the Holidays go by without experiencing the love of those around you.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, cozy Holiday Season.