The best thing about losing weight

As I reflect upon my weight loss journey, I have to mention one of the best things I’ve found along the way with my weight loss experience.

I have had plenty of days I am so sick I can’t eat.  I’ve lost weight, as a result, but that is not fun…   I have had a few people comment on how much thinner I look.  I am thankful for their sweet praise, but that’s not the fun I’m talking about.

What has been fun for me through this brief journey are the new stores I am able to venture into that had nothing in my size before.  Changing departments from Women’s to Ladies was also an incredible difference I had to get used to.  I don’t think people who have never been a plus-size understand how Amazing it is to walk past a Lane Bryant or Avenue store (sadly all the brick and mortar Avenue stores closed in my area) and, instead, walk right into a Victoria’s Secret or Old Navy.  These stores never had anything to offer me before.  Granted, since the last time I walked into Old Navy, they apparently added a Plus size section but I was never able to enter this store before without feeling out of place.  Happily, this is no more!

It still floors me that not only can I walk into a Victoria’s Secret store but they actually have stuff, even lingerie, that fits me now!  WOW.  This is a big step for someone who was once a 22W+!!!  No one can truly understand how humbling this experience is for me.  It is so incredibly shocking to me that I almost want to cry every time I am able to fit into something smaller and able to go into a store without someone telling me I am in the wrong section (yes, a floor associate told this to me and my mom a while back at a major retailer).  People also look at you differently when you enter a store that does not have your size.  I don’t think they mean to but it still hurts for the woman who feels self-conscious about her size, to begin with.

There are some stores that I still can’t venture into yet but one day I will and that, too, will be a triumph for me!  Right now, though, I am relishing my mini-triumphs and having fun buying bathing suits (yes- bathing suits that are actually sexy and not tarps!!!) and evening dresses.

This is one small step for me and it has been a long, hard road but I am so very happy to be here now.  Thank you for joining me in this journey.  xoxo

New Release! Check it out.

This one is a bit late, I know, but who doesn’t like Holiday stories all year long?  I know I do!  Check out this too hot tale sure to thrill you and warm up those cold nights!

Jennifer Denys presents~

Naughty Christmas Present book cover- J Denys

This is a tale of unrequited love . . . but will it be requited by the end? Of course, it will — this is a Christmas story after all!

The question is, how will Gren, a troll and bartender at Pogue’s Bar, prove to the beautiful blonde Siren, Ligia, that he is the man for her? When unexpected circumstances bring them together, he jumps at the chance to give her a special Christmas present and show her that he is everything she needs. Will his present — a session in his personal S&M playroom – be enough? Or could her Siren song cause his death in the process?


The troll leaned in, placing hands either side of Ligia’s shoulders, holding her in place. “Why not try being the submissive for once?”

“Me? Ha! In your dreams.”

Her hands pounded his arms but he wasn’t letting her go. Instead, he bent his head to nuzzle her neck. “I think you’ve always fantasized of a Dom taking charge and keeping control, not letting you seduce them into doing what you want.”

Gren could feel Ligia trembling as he kissed her skin moving closer to her luscious mouth. “Never!” The Siren’s verbal response was at odds with her body.

He held himself a hairsbreadth from her lips. “You let Dante order you around.”

She huffed. “It’s a game we play. I always let him pretend for a few minutes.” Then she remembered the demon was dead and her attitude changed as she pushed at his chest. “Let me go. I’ve had enough Doms for one night.”

He was surprised by the sudden change in her demeanor and made a swift decision. “No.” He wasn’t going to let her go in this mood. She needed something to get over what had happened earlier.

The Siren frowned. “What do you mean, ‘no’?” She tried pushing him again with more determination this time.

Gren chuckled when she failed to move him. “Oh. And who exactly is in charge here?”

Ligia’s jaw dropped in astonishment. “There is no way I am letting you dominate me.”

The troll moved quickly, grabbing her hair tightly in one hand, pulling her head back. He encircled her waist with his other arm dragging her away from the wall. It was like taking an animal by the scruff. Ligia froze in his arms, her eyes widening in amazement.

“That’s more like it. What you don’t know, sweetheart, is that when I’m in here I’m the Dom! I was just letting you have a bit of fun before. It’s my turn now and I want you to kneel down.”

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