Big thanks to Literary Titan!

Check out the Amazing review I received from Literary Titan, tonight, for my book Serenade. I am so thrilled. I always am when someone loves my work. I know it’s crazy as I’ve been writing now for almost 10 years but every time someone enjoys my books, it always amazes and surprises me.

4 Stars~

“Kingsley, a wolf shifter in search of his soul mate, serendipitously encounters her. However, he restrains himself from declaring his love, desiring her to truly know him first. Eva, a witch with the remarkable ability to manipulate electricity, finds an instant and undeniable attraction to Kingsley. Although she harbors suspicions regarding his shifter identity, she hesitates to embrace this truth. Can their profound connection transcend the challenge posed by their respective supernatural natures—a witch and a shapeshifter?

Within the pages of this enthralling work by T.K. Lawyer, readers are immersed in a world brimming with desire and passion. I relished the exploration of the profound bond shared by Kingsley and Eva, particularly as he adored every facet of her being, even during moments when she lacked self-assurance.

Kingsley’s ardent spirit and swift enchantment with Eva, despite their new acquaintance, imbued the narrative with an intriguing intensity. The tale unfolds at a pace that allows ample time for the story’s purpose to reveal itself in a leisurely fashion. While I feel the addition of more dramatic tension and a formidable hurdle for the lovers to surmount could have enhanced the narrative, the plot in its current form is certainly gripping. The unmasking of Kingsley’s shifter nature and Eva’s witchcraft might have been less emphasized, but this choice of subtlety lent a sense of realism to their extraordinary circumstances, ensuring their differences didn’t overpower the story’s focus on their relationship. Some instances of dialogue may lean towards theatricality, yet they add a rich layer of drama that keeps the conversation lively and emotionally charged.

The author excels in evoking an intense and fiery passion between the two protagonists. Lawyer’s adeptness at crafting vivid descriptions enables readers to visualize every scene with remarkable clarity, drawing them further into the narrative’s captivating world.

I recommend this book to individuals seeking a swift yet sizzling read, as it abounds with passionate romance. The undeniable chemistry between Kingsley and Eva and the author’s ability to create a vivid, immersive experience are noteworthy achievements.” – Literary Titan

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Let’s get Flirty in Tampa, Florida!

In case you are wondering where I will be in a month. 😄

Come see me on June 3rd and join the free multi-genre Giveaway I am hosting with several authors.

One lucky winner will win a grab bag full of books, swag, and a pair of gorgeous shoe bookends plus a $50 Amazon gift card!

Yes, I can relate. A painful, author memory, remembered

Hello there,

I saw this article and I had to share it with you. I can definitely related and I can feel this author’s pain.

It is the saddest thing in the world to arrive at a destination excited and happy to share your creative work and find that no one is interested…

I still remember my first book show I ever attended- it was at a Mall in Tampa, FL. I went back to the hotel, devastated and crying. I had been so excited but no one was even interested in my books or my giveaway.

The author next to me was racking up sales with her uplifting, non-fiction book which made it an all too painful reality, for me. I looked at my beautiful covers (The Guardian League and Nightfall) and doubted my ability to write and engage readers with my creative work. I wondered why I was even out in public, trying when I could be at home safe and out of the public scrutiny.

I look back at this still all too painful experience that hurts my heart every time I think of how devastated, disappointed and frustrated I was and I am thankful for it now. It was because of this horrible experience, that I climb out of my comfort zone every time I am at a book show.

Love your knights?

Hello Readers,

I am here with a book recommendation, of my own accord. I just finished Catherine Kean’s “One Knight in the Forest” last night and I have to say, this was another exceptional book.

If you love your knights, dark and tragic, with a past they must reconcile before they can move forward, you will enjoy this romantic tale.

In actuality, Catherine Kean writes wonderful books to begin with and that’s why I took a chance on reading this one, too.

Her tails will enthrall, captivate and whisk you away to another time.

Grab your copy, today:

The Magical World of Other Beings

Hi Readers,

Now you can enter the Magical World of other Beings, my very own coloring book, published just a few days ago.

Check it out here and enjoy the characters as they come alive for you with every stroke of color you inject into their world.

Pre-Order alert!

Good morning!

I have great news!!

My latest book is now up for Pre-order at the incredible price of $1.99!!! Release date is April 4th.

Grab your copy while you still can and enjoy this new book.

He claimed her cover. Can he claim her heart, too?


A brand new book with no cover

A graphic artist that is in the hospital

When Natalie is faced with inevitable doom

Nate steps in and accepts the job.

Handsome, suave, and genuine,

Nate likes Natalie.

Yet, Nate is a seductive, hot model.

A man never lacking for female companionship.

Will meeting Nate fill a void Natalie didn’t know exist?

Or will Natalie walk away from Nate- a man that seems too perfect?

Another fabulous author interviewed

Hello Amazing Readers,

Today I have another fantastic interview to share with you. Blye Donovan was kind enough to offer some time to me to answer my questions. Check out her latest book, Marked as Queen of Hearts, and one click your copy today!

Tell me a bit about one of your favorites that you wrote.

Marked as Queen of Hearts is actually my favorite so far. It’s the most complex—plot-wise and emotion-wise—and I put the most of myself into the story. Some of the things the heroine goes through are things I’ve experienced myself. It made this book a bit of catharsis for me and being able to give her a happy ending helped heal us both a little 😉

  • Writing is a difficult endeavor.  What makes you continue to write?

Somedays I ask myself this and wonder what the heck I’m doing 😆 Because you’re right, it is difficult. Sometimes the writing itself makes you want to quit, whether that’s the plot falling flat, or the characters stop talking to you. Other days it’s all the things, like editing, marketing, and promoting your books that makes you want to hang up your hat. But in spite of all that, I love writing. Bringing a story to life and sharing it with others is an incredible feat, and when people enjoy your books, it’s an incredible feeling. Those accolades, the positive reviews, make you pick up your pen (so to speak) and keep writing.

  • What do you look forward to every day?

Lots of things like coffee, reading, making dinner with my husband . . . but I imagine this question was meant to be writing related 😁 When it comes to work, I look forward to sitting down in front of a blank page, sipping my cup of coffee, and letting a scene flow through me onto the screen. When the characters are talking and you can see the scene play out, the story just flows. That feeling is a high I chase every day but don’t always find.

  • How do you define success?  What makes you successful?

There’s a lot of literature out there about being “a successful indie author” and while those tend to focus on dollar signs and figures, I think just hitting that publish button is a success. Even if your book doesn’t sell a million copies, you published a book. Not everyone can say that! True success lies in your own feeling of fulfillment, and I find that by creating the book in the first place. It’s a work of art and when you hit publish, you put it on display. When someone likes and appreciates that art, is that not its own form of success? I think so. It’s important to celebrate the wins, no matter how small.

  • Any tips for a new writer or someone who is considering becoming a writer?

Find a good group of fellow writers because support is the most important thing you can have as an indie author. I was lucky to find that early on, and not only have I gained some amazing critique partners out of it, but we all help promote each other’s work as well. Other authors in your genre aren’t your competition. Don’t treat them as such. Instead, make friends, build relationships, and learn from their experiences. And above all, don’t give up!

The Book Obsessed Babes are back!

Hi Readers,

Guess what? One of the best book shows in Florida is coming back to Jacksonville, Florida next month! And I will be a part of it!!!

Tickets including special events are still available, for a limited time. There are so many things planned, you will want to get an all inclusive pass so you can experience everything!

I am hosting the Bingo and Lunch events. Get your pass and come see me, sit at my table and get goodies too, exclusively from moi!

Come see me at the signing, on Saturday, to get all the books you want, signed by me. And get your chance to win a multi-author prize pack giveaway filled with books and swag at the end of the signing event!

This is going to be a great party!

Love Vampires? Check out this book!

Hello my amazing readers!

I have a new book to showcase to you, today. Check it out, here and one click your copy, today! This one looks amazing.

Buy link –


When a man loves, he may not do so with his heart, because a vampire is no one’s friend.

Overwhelmed by the attention of two beautiful men, Sophia needs to disappear so that neither Captain Jared Walters nor Zanephyn Heardt can find her. But they do, each making their own demands on her. If only she can forget the theories that Zane is a vampire killing women for their blood. Vampires are an urban legend – they don’t exist in real life, do they?

Returning home to Cape Town, Sophia plans to continue her life as if she never knew either man. But then Zane arrives on her doorstep. All the feelings for him she tried to suppress rushes back and she agrees to marry him. He is again the man she fell in love with and dated for more than a year.

Meanwhile, six people work tirelessly to prevent this marriage from happening. His mother, the witch, knows that Zane doesn’t mean marriage in the normal sense of the word. From the day he met her, Zane had plans for Sophia she is unlikely to survive. The slayer can’t kill the vampire until the time is right – on the day of the wedding, when Zane has Sophia in his thrall. To protect Sophia until then, Zane’s mother and sister, who is a lawyer and a witch-in-training, cast daily spells to bind Zane’s purpose for Sophia.

But what exactly does Zane plan to do with her?
Is Jared going to roll over and forget what he had with Sophia?

About the author:


Bestselling international author of spooky paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and fantasy romance, Maggie Tideswell has a passion for romance. She combines things that can’t be explained with sweaty bodies and rumpled beds in a way that will make your toes curl and your hair stand on end.

Maggie lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband Gareth and a cat called Auntie. She just can’t do without perfume, her tea and the internet. She is nearly as passionate about food as she is about creating alpha heroes every woman will fall in love with, just as she does, every time.

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How about a romance with Angelic ex-wives?

Hello dear readers,

I am back with a pre-order. Yes!! My latest book, The Angels Ex-Wives Club is available at a low, low, never to be seen again price. If you have KU, it is absolutely Free!!

Reserve your copy, today before the price changes!

Trapped, Teresa finds her blissful marriage turned into a nightmare.

Michael is never home.  When he is, he ignores her concerns.

She sets out on a new path. With a new angel.

With the help of Archangel Rafael, they co-create the Angels’ Ex-Wives Club, a safe haven for women like her to tell their stories.

Yet, Teresa is not an ex-wife and Rafael is inexplicably drawn to her.

Can Teresa and Michael find their way back to each other or will Teresa find what she needs in the arms of another angel?

Want to know the whole story of how we got here and the ex-wives club was created? Grab Escapade, first then read this stellar continuation.

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