Enjoying the Holidays when you’re under the weather

Hello all.  I hope that you are safe, doing well and are surrounded by love.  I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been down with a sinus infection but am still trying to enjoy this fast-moving Holiday season as much as I can.  I hope you are too.  It will be 2016 before you know it.

The Holiday season is upon us and yes, it’s much better and easier to enjoy the Holidays when you are feeling well, at your best, have had the eight+  hours of sleep your Family Doctor advised you to get, but when you are sicker than a dog and the weeks pass by with you cooped up like a hermit in your house, what are you to do to get the most out of the remainder of the season when you want to bury yourself underneath layers of comforters instead of bursting into song.  Possibly these 5 tips might help.

  1. Watch Holiday Movies- they have been on since before Thanksgiving, if you haven’t seen one, turn the TV on now, grab a box of tissues, your favorite fleece blanket and park yourself on your couch for the next few hours and let someone else entertain you.
  2. Ask, cajole, or even bribe a friend to take you ‘Christmas light looking.’  Marveling at Christmas lights around the neighborhood is a tradition of sorts during this time of year.  Don’t let the season pass you by without your chance to view the houses you adore.  Your friend can drive you around with the windows up as you stare in fascination at the sparkly, cheery glow of lights and decorations you didn’t have to put up, yourself.
  3.   If you can, donate to a special charity or one that is close to your heart.  The act of giving is what the season is all about and it might even help you heal faster.  Most agencies accept donations online so all you have to do is ‘fire up’ the computer and choose a charity.  It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons on your keyboard plus it will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart, even between coughing fits, that you helped to make this word a better place for someone else.
  4. Let someone else cook.  If you are up to it, you can plan the meal but let someone else do the cooking, baking and setting up while you relax on your couch with a hot beverage.  Now is not the time to try to do things on your own, it is a time for letting others take care of you.  So if they offer, accept the gift and sit back down, put your feet up and rest.
  5. Celebrate with good friends.  Even if you can’t get together for the actual event or day, spend a little time with those you love and celebrate on a separate day just between you and your friends.  It’s true that love heals and it’s also good for your spirit.  Good-natured laughter improves your mood, the healing process and strengthens bonds.  Don’t let the Holidays go by without experiencing the love of those around you.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, cozy Holiday Season.

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