Lust…and why it’s not a good thing for an author

What do you think of when you hear the word lust?  Yeah, I know, I know, but is there another definition besides sexual?  You would be surprised to know there is.  And that’s where it can get you in trouble.

According to    Lust is defined as:

  • a strong feeling of sexual desire

But it is also defined as:

  • a strong desire for something
  • personal inclination :  wish

And the kicker for authors:

–  – an intense longing :  craving <a lust to succeed>
As an unknown author, this last part can do you in, literally, making a sweet, naïve, wanna-be into an obsessive, desperate extremist.  It can occupy your time to the point that you are checking your Facebook notifications several times a day to find out if people are liking and viewing your book trailer or saying something about your books and doing the same with Amazon to check if anyone has purchased your book yet and if there are any new reviews.
Lust for success can turn your positive energy and efforts into a endless black hole of obsession and nasty self talk which will not only hurt your self esteem but also your inner creative spirit that, if left alone and nourished, would flow and grow into something really beautiful.
As authors, we do want to “make it big.”  That’s one of the reasons we may have entered into the profession to begin with- so we can eventually become a full time author, engaging daily in what we love most and injecting back positive energy into the world. But let’s sit back and think for a minute.  Ask yourself this question.  If there was no money in it, would you still want to write?  How about if there was never a possibility of you becoming famous, would you write then?
If you can say “yes” to both then you are truly a writer and you must not give up because this is your passion and your true calling.  You have something to say and contribute, so go do it!  We will likely be better for it.
Writing shouldn’t be centered around being famous.  It should be about expressing who we truly are inside.  It should be about bringing forth our creative ideas and/or experiences whether we inspire others or not.
It’s about being true to yourself.
So for all the writers out there, who strive to express themselves every day, I applaud you.  Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about success because by doing what you love, whether it be part-time, or full time, you are a success.  Just
enjoy the journey wherever it takes you and may it take you to financial success at the perfect time when you are ready for it.
Take care, my friends.

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